Where’s the FUN in a Fun Run?

Fun Run, really, what’s so fun about running?  Before this week, I had total lack of confidence in my running skills or endurance.  Having been a longtime smoker and a guy who rarely got physical activity for the past year was surely no boost.  In fact, I even blogged about walking instead of running.  This blog entry probably joins a lot of other blog entries in cyberspace focused on running.

In  a way, I had been preparing myself mentally for an even like this.  I had been consistent in doing regular 5K walks around our hilly residential village and had been injecting this routine with short runs.  I even wore out the soles of my old Asics Gel shoes and had decided to purchase a pair of Gel-105s, as the investment was minimal.  The thought of running in a real event had been tickling my brain for a long time already.

I think I'll have a lot of good times with this shoe.

After fiddling about the idea of running with other people in a very large group for over a year, I finally got the chance to do that today – thanks to my brother-in-law. I got a message from my wife last week that her brother registered us for the 34th Milo National Marathon and we would be running for the 5K Fun Run part.  

In today’s run, I joined an uncle, a cousin, my son and his cousins in the run.  The women in the family were all lumped in the 3K run.

Honestly, prior to this weekend’s run, I also had a chance to run a 5K Fun event at our company sportsfest, which I ably finished.  Today my confidence level got up another notch as I finished another 5K run in less than a week — thanks to my new shoes.  Kidding, of course, it was the new running shorts.

Being optimistic about it, I think this mid-30s body has still a lot of juice in it to go the distance.  I just have to make a few lifestyle adjustments and I am off to longer runs.  I didn’t even think of doing that before.

So, again, where’s the fun in a fun run?  I think I’m starting to get it.  It isn’t about just tiring yourself out trying to beat other runners, it’s actually competing against yourself.  That’s where the fun is.  I beat myself twice already.  🙂


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