Mentos is the New One Peso



Words I said at the counter of the Ministop.  I dropped by for a pack of ciggies to quash the morning nicotine craving.

Alas!   The store clerk said that they have been having a hard time coming up with Philippine one peso coins.  After that she asked me: “Sir, will you be willing to take Mentos?”  I hastily replied, “as long as it’s equal to my three pesos change.”  She promptly gave me three freakin’ pieces of Mentos pillow packs.  Like, call my band – the Foo Fighters – we’re up for a gig.  Like, last time I checked, I ain’t Dave Grohl.

Oi! This isn't Mentos!

How many pieces of Mentos for this car, please?

Now, I have this idea that if Ministop can do this, then so should I.  I think I’ll buy a big-ass size bag of Mentos at the local discount store and use it as currency.  I’ll try to give fifteen pieces of Mentos to the FX I take going to work.  Yes, the fare is – yes, you guessed right – fifteen freakin’ pesos.  For lunch, I can lift some Mentos off the office pantry and pay fifty pieces of Mentos for lunch.  That’ll already be tremendous savings on my part.

Seriously, it wasn’t really a big deal.  I just got surprised that if stores like that with regular foot traffic is experiencing a peso coin shortage, then where are the peso coins going?  Like, holy Scooby Dooby Doo time, Batman!  Where are the coins?

Oi! Am I, like, on the Most Wanted List?

This afternoon, I volunteered myself to go shopping for myself – someone else usually does the shopping for me.  I ended up going to the local department store, the SM.  As I rose up the escalator heading the third level, I saw a sign.  It said something about offering a discount to those who can give five-hundred pesos worth of peso coins.

Wow!  There really is a peso coin shortage, Batman.  Scooby dooby doo.

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