If you have this...

(Blogger’s note:  This was supposed to be for last Friday, but due to slow home internet connection by PLDT DSL…grrr)

One fine Friday, I woke up not feeling 100% wholesome and good.  There was a 60% of wholesome, 20% of sarcasm, 10% of irritation and 10% of “WTF is wrong with your face?”  Go figure.

One fine Friday, I told myself, “There are a lot of services for dogs nowadays.” It is as if what’s good for humans is good for dogs.  There is one fundamental difference.  For humans, they call it stylists; for dogs, they call it “groomers.”  Go figure.

then you need this...

One fine Friday, I decided to have lunch.  I saw a menu from the other side of a glass pane window of the local deli.  I laughed at a menu item that you should not read out loud to the order taker.  “Euro Wiener” it said.  Go figure.

...or you can rub these two together for that magic spark.

One fine Friday, I light up my usual after-lunch ciggy.  As I happily puffed my health away, a girl approached me.  She asked me:  “Do you have a lighter?” when she should’ve asked me if she could get a light.   At my current state, I almost, almost replied, “No, but I have these two rocks for you to work with.”  😛

Have a pleasant Friday and weekend ahead. 🙂


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