Come on! Let’s Give President PNoy a Kit Kat!

Like most Filipinos, I do not want President PNoy’s administration to go the way of the previous administration.  I totally get his laid-back style and it reminds of my fictional afternoons at a fictional country club.  I totally get his style:  SMILE ALL AT ALL TIMES.  Heck, it always pays to smile and try to keep everybody happy, unless you’re talking about dead people.  I totally get it.  It’s tough to be president of a poor country.

Have you ever wondered about what happened to him after his little-he-said-that-almost-resembled-an-inkling-of-a-thought-about-coming-up-with-a-plan-but-did-not-materialize-because-he-was-too-busy-just-being-anti-GMA SONA?

I think that Filipinos should not worry; at least he hasn’t digressed from his promises.  I think his hands are too full to even work on them and all Filipinos understand that being president is tough for a newbie.  Never mind that he has a lot mouths speaking for him — three.  Never mind that his Exec. Sec. isn’t really visible except in the chismis circle.  Never mind the so-called factions in his government.  Never mind that he loves the name Abad so much.  Never mind that he said he trusts his people even when he should let them go.  Never mind that the Philippine Congress appears to be busy just hunting down the Ombudsman.  Never mind that the Philippine Senate is busy hunting down the MWSS.

Let’s all say this:  Give the guy a freakin’ break.  Let’s all give him the benefit of a honeymoon with the country.

All of us in the working class went through an acclimatization period or learning-the-ropes period, right?  This is the same reason why we should give him a much-deserved break.  After all, there are only 90-million Filipinos that are waiting for him to shine; at the rate Filipinos are multiplying, the numbers would’ve been higher.  I just hope that after this assessment/ acclimatization period, we, the employers can either regularize him or fire him.  I think that is fair to all those who were not regularized at their jobs because of poor performance.

The president needs one of these

Let us all give him a chance.  I appeal to all the Filipinos to give President PNoy a break.  This appeal includes would-be hostage takers, bribe takers, criminals and lowlifes, and controversial whoevers in RP; just put your plans on hold while President PNoy figures out his job.  While they’re at it, we also appeal to the hungry Filipinos to stop being hungry, the unemployed to just stop whining about not finding a job, for lowly paid employees to stop complaining about how much he is earning.  Let’s just appeal to everybody to stop being Filipino for a few months until our president figures out what to do.

Come to think of it, maybe we can ask Binay to step in.  Maybe we can even outsource government to Malaysia or Singapore or India or even China till December.  This way, PNoy will not have headaches stemming from not knowing what to do with all of us.  He can lose the loser blame-everyone else attitude.  He can put less blame on the past and on others and maybe lose a few wrinkles that way.  He can learn the job without the hassle of responsibility and accountability that goes with it.

How’s that for a grow-into-the-job proposal for our beloved PNoy?

Come on.  Let’s give the guy a break.

Basta, PNoy, pag na-regular ka na, manlibre ka ha.


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