Statistical Obsession

36s, a pair of these laid end-to-end along a three-numbered vital statistic/ measurement sounds great and even greater once seen by the eyes — true for an average guy.  Enough of that, the rest of the post has nothing to do about that kind of statistic.

I can’t help but smile after a friend told me the other day that her blog has been getting a steady increase in hits lately.  Personally, I wouldn’t be surprised.  After all, she’s a good writer.  She is a goddess balanced with an odd insecurity at how her blog is doing.  Yes, despite her writing skills, she would complain that she’d only get one or two hits at her site on a given day — with me representing one of those hits.  It’s a good thing that her obsession with blog statistics is all in the past now.  I’m happy that people are starting to read more of her stuff.  I am also happy that she’s waiting for a big writing assignment to materialize.

Anyway, what is it with a blogger’s obsession with statistics?  I can understand if one is running a commercial/ business-oriented blog, but for a personal blog, one is usually quite reserved about getting a big number of readers.  In my case, I just love putting my thoughts out into the wild without really caring much if somebody takes a glance or two or two-hundred times…rrrrriiiiggghht.


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