The Pacman is Classy Even with the Gloves Off

Manny Pacquiao gracing the TIME Asia Magazine ...

Who knows? Potential...

Manny Pacquiao is simply awesome in the ring.  I am not too sure about his move into politics but from what I saw earlier, I think this man has enough get-go to actually make things happen in his district.  If I look at Maslow’s hierarchy of needs as a way to gauge the man, then Pacquiao is at the peak and will most likely be at the point of self-actualization.  In my opinion, he doesn’t need to prove himself anymore inside the ring (hopefully, he’d still settle that question with Floyd, Jr.).   The time is ripe to move on to a different challenge.

As a politician, most will agree that he still has a lot to prove.  I guess we’ll all see how he’ll do in the future.

Pacman's at the top of this pyramid

Tonight, I actually got a chance to sit-in at his fundraiser/ pitch for Sarangani province.   While I am not set to heap praises on the fellow, I have to give credit where it’s due.  The boxer can actually wrestle with his speech behind a podium and win over it using his natural wit.

I’d like to think that a natural achiever like him, with the proper guidance, can succeed in politics.  Who knows? While most politicians promise the moon, Pacman, along with the DAP might actually make wonders happen for the province.  Tonight’s event shows that he’s certainly making a serious bid to make his promise —  a district hospital project — a reality.  I think it’s a perfect partnership between his alma mater/ congressman school and him.  Easily, with his celebrity status, he could be the most-visible alumnus of the Development Academy of the Philippines.

In a way, I have faith in the guy.  At least, from an outsider’s point of view, it appears to me that Pacquiao knows to mix with the right people to get things going.  He wouldn’t have reached his goal without knowing who to tap for his needs.  If I assume that he’s a real achiever, then It’s clear that he certainly won’t set himself up to fail in his newest endeavor.  For the sake of his constituents, I certainly hope he wins in the political arena and break the stereotypical image of a celebrity who just acts like he knows what he is doing, which is sort of like the “in thing” nowadays.  There’s nothing to lose.   If he misses his target, it won’t really matter — we’re used to bad politicians anyway.

Good luck to Sarangani province.


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