Sick and Bored? Read and Review the News

After a long trip last week, I got sidelined because of a gastrointestinal infection over the weekend; I am drained, almost literally.

Anyway, enough with the forced imagery of toilet hugging.  I am feeling better today but yet to recover my strength to carry on a full working day.  I’ve already checked and replied to some work emails but I still can’t get my head straight for some real business-cohesive thought processing.  Not really enough motivation for relaxation but, heck, what else can I do?  And pardon the toilet references…for good reason.

I ended up reading the news sites and internet forum sites earlier.  I’ve read stories on the president’s hot dog treat, his inverted RP-flag story; nothing new.  I chanced upon a news article mentioning a man who just got a 14,400-year sentence for rape (serves him right, if he can serve that long) which I also found as a discussion thread on a popular internet forum.  While browsing that thread, through a link posted there, I found a shocking but oddly written news story about a recent gang-rape incident .  The incident involved three men in an AUV picking up a woman along Quezon Avenue.  While I don’t normally criticize news in text form, I just found how this piece of news was written WEIRD.  I’ll post an excerpt and see if you think there’s something wrong with it:

Inside the car, she said the suspects ordered her to take her clothes off. She said one of the suspects forced his penis into her mouth while another suspect manipulated her most private part.

The woman said that after molesting her inside the car, the suspects blindfolded her and brought her to a house.

Inside one of the house’s rooms, she said the 2 car passengers and its driver, repeatedly molested her again. She said one of the suspects even forced his penis into her behind.

She said that the ordeal lasted for at least 2 hours.

Afterwards, she was again blindfolded by the suspects and released somewhere in Quezon City.

Don't watch too much of this

Didn’t that just sound way too detailed for a news report?  I don’t know how rules of taste applies to journalism (in light of recent events here, I really don’t know).  Frankly, the report described the despicable act like a botched-up Bang Bus episode.  I mean, if the report said “forced the victim to perform oral sex” or “forced the victim to have anal sex,”  would that have sounded less explicit than “forced the penis into her mouth”  and “forced his penis into her behind”?

The article did mention some form of resolution and justice in the end.  One of the suspects, whose name sounds like a Bang Bus porn actor, was traced through the license plate of the vehicle.  Good on the cops.  At least there’s one suspect down and the noose is tightening on the other two suspects.

Today the cops only need to after a thin and bald guy and a guy with “longback” hair and Visayan accent.  Good luck with that.


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