People Power versus Condoms? Sounds like a lot of Balloons!

This will be a short one.  I promise.

The Philippine Catholic Church loves to play the role of the big bully.  We’ve heard of political factions left and right but the church here is the biggest bully faction in the country.  We’ve seen it flex its muscles in elections and in terminating the tenure of presidents.  It’s doing it again now.

IF the Church blew up all the condoms, it might have a chance...

I wouldn’t be writing this way if I hadn’t seen the news last night showing another priest, on behalf of the almighty CBCP, complaining about the free family planning seminars (including the free contraceptives) given in barangay centers.  They even reminded the PNoy about his mom’s role in the ’87 constitution and the protection of life.  Like, what a really professional way to threaten someone, was that like, “Don’t do that or your dead mom won’t be pleased”?  I know the PNoy is somewhat beholden to the Catholic Church but for this entity to throw its weight around like that just makes you want to cry “Ever heard of Separation of Church and State?”  I do hope the change that the PNoy promised to his supporters is also less dependent on what the church approves or not.

What also struck me as weird was a thinly veiled threat;  they even mentioned people power…for the nth time in this century.  Was that like, “Stop or we’ll people power you, Mr. President”?  People power versus condoms?  Sounds like a lot of balloons in the making.

The whole thing just makes me want to go and list down my rants / questions.

Are the Pinoys in just for the sheer pleasure derived out of sex or for the reproduction?  Heck, I wouldn’t know, that’s their business. However, isn’t it about time someone did something about irresponsible breeding? With all due respect to the church and all its conservatism, I think it should review its position on curbing population growth in the country.   It also has to consider that while the country is largely Catholic, there are also other religious denominations here; there are even nonbelievers — do the same Catholic rules apply to them?  Aren’t they creeping in on the freedom of people not allied with their beliefs?

In my personal view, if the church is for promoting some alternative, its agents be regularly campaigning down at the barangay level about this.  If abstinence is their prescribed cure, then they should be actively campaigning for their product’s adoption.  All I know is, the church and all its manpower has not been able to slow down population growth.  How come there hasn’t been “People Power versus Population Growth”?  Maybe if they gathered people everyday, the people won’t have a lot of time to reproduce.  Less idle time means less check-in time.

End of the day opinion:  Two thumbs down for the Church this time.  Robbing the citizens of a well-informed choice, is that the role of the church now?  What a bully.

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