Thoughts from inside a box: Harmonious Relationships

Image from“We’ll make bee-yooo-tiful music together,” said the guy to the girl.  After a few years, the only music I still hear is the clanging and banging of dishes as they fight well into the middle of the night.  Throw in an occasional banging of the door and shouts that are loud enough to make the dogs howl.  I didn’t realize they were heavy into percussion.

While I realize that this type of entry isn’t my cup of tea, it certainly deserves a strong cup of coffee while you think about it.  What drives people into just sticking with each other? What drives them to repel each other, like opposing poles of a magnet?  It’s absolutely puzzling to me.

Some people will immediately volunteer answers that range from proper communication to something that evokes images of “sexual” compatibility, used loosely not to mask my ignorance.  Is it all just communication?  Picturing a image of a man telling his spouse in a well-mannered tone that she is not up to par isn’t exactly perfect.   I can imagine the man having a perfect black-eye after that – if not from the wife, then from the wife’s supposedly bigger brothers.  I can say “imagine,” since the missus has a smaller sister.  Pretty much safe from that kind of threat.  However, the wife isn’t exactly a pushover, either.

Point is, before I veer further away from making this sound remotely close to making a point, whether our messages are positive or negative, there’s more to just the words in communicating our thoughts.  Tone, deeds, and body language also counts.  Think of it this way.  Being hurtful isn’t exactly a fine way to communicate that you’re “constructive” in your comments.  Unless you’re a spouse, strictly a blood relative or you’re in innermost circle of trusted friends, be “careful” of how you deal with people.  As the old quote goes, “Opinions are like assholes. Everybody has one.”  I wonder how many assholes bloggers have.

Picture this scene in a supermarket ( I do shop):

  1. Old lady in a wheelchair.  Based on how she interacts with people, she’s a bit hard of hearing.
  2. Old lady is pushed along by her assistant/nurse/aide.  Old lady asks her a few things about groceries.  The nurse replies.  Nurse has a speech defect that makes her nasal tone almost impossible to decode.

Do you think they’ll get along?



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