Twitter, Too Much Idle Time and the Internet (and Why I Think Erap should be PNoy’s Speechwriter)

We all know that Miss Mislang’s job remains quite stable.  This piece won’t even remotely imply that PNoy should fire someone in his team.  After all, President PNoy is the best boss in the whole world, that is if you’re friends with him.   Life for a president is hard as it is; why ask him to do something monumentally impossible?

The real topic of this mildly flavored and moderately paced entry is about the internet and boredom.

I read in an internet forum a comment that some people overreacting to the recent Malacanang ASec Mislang Twitter blooper have too much time on their hands.  Too much time.  What was that saying about idle minds and hands?

This brings me to my first observation:  While idle minds and hands are prone to mischief, the internet makes it quicker and easier to do.  Take the case of Assistant Secretary Mislang.  She thought it was best to tweet about wine, boys and traffic while on official PH business. With the kind of technology we have around today, it should not be hard to shoot off a comment into a favorite social network while on the job without anyone noticing.  After all, insulting the host in 140 characters or less shouldn’t much of a challenge for a speechwriter.  Heck, she can do that with her eyes closed.  Whether she was trying to rant out her boredom off into cyberspace or was just plainly trying to get cute online remains a mystery to me.  After all, I don’t know Miss Mislang on a personal level.

In deeper thought, I still think that our different forms of self-expressions in the in-ter-net reflect our narcissistic insides; a young and creative palace official will always fall into that trap.  Who knows what her motivation was. But…whoa!!! What was she doing in Vietnam anyway?  Was it do a tourist-style review in 140 characters or less?  And come to think of it, wasn’t it Philippine money that paid for her trip?

Image via WikiPedia

At least Erap delivered better hirits

In light of recent news items, I am also starting to think that the current president has a limited vocabulary range.  Anyway, that brings me to my second observation.  While the palace sort of “panicked,” I wished PNoy was more verbally nimble.   If he was, he could’ve saved the ASec’s ass bigtime by saying like: “The red wine sucked, indeed.  It sucked away some of the distractions that keep me from doing my job effectively.”  That would have sounded better than his current “blown out of proportion” lines.  Silly thought that led me to this idea:  Maybe someone like Erap should be PNoy’s speech writer.

Erap as a speech writer? Why not? I always laughed at Erap’s hirits.  Imagine if they loaded PNoy up with Erap one-liners and anecdotes; that’ll be really funny.  However, the job of the president shouldn’t be funny at all.  It can be fun but not funny.  I do not know if PNoy is trying to be funny by acting all juvenile with his “I got all of my gang’s backs” routine.  It isn’t cute at all.

Anyway, as a third line of observation mixed in with unsolicited advice already echoed in Philippine society and probably even in his inner circle but he simply chooses to ignore, PNoy should really be mindful of the kind of company he keeps.  After all, while the PNoy enjoys a strong support base, his friends do not.  If he isn’t careful, he just might truly end up as Erap 2.0.

Think of this angle:  Barkada = Midnight Cabinet?  Or am I blowing things out of proportion?


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