The Thought Parking Lot

Parking available

Alright, it’s another work week ahead of me.  While I am looking at a one-week road trip, I am choosing to put some thoughts here in my parking lot in the internet.

  1. Expectations are a killer.
  2. The Peter Principle.  I saw that today on TV advertising.
  3. Big old men who fart uncontrollably while in the supermarket are most probably named “Jupiter” and are most likely married to someone named “Uranus.”
  4. The best gift for a control freak is most likely a big electronic box with a nice shiny red button that does absolutely nothing.
  5. Manny Pacquiao is the master of nonsurgical facial rearrangement.  Ask Cotto, Margarito, Barrera, Dela Hoya and Morales.
  6. The Social Network movie can have a subtitle:  When Nerds Collide.
  7. You know your country is in deep shit when even the president’s dating life is in the news. Isn’t there anything better to report?
  8. That Maguindanao-Ampatuan Massacre is nearing a year without any resolution.  One of the prosecutors already died of a heart attack.
  9. Solutions drawn up on paper are worthless unless implemented.
  10. Just saw Inception.  Ellen Page is kinda cute.
  11. Elevator buttons are not accelerator pedals.
  12. Motorcycles are not bicycles.
  13. You shouldn’t block a pedestrian crossing with your vehicle unless you’re a moron.
  14. That girl (Zyrene Parsad) who sang the Philippine National Anthem before Pacquiao-Margarito is kinda hot.  Nice saya, too.
  15. The Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders who sang the “Star Spangled Banner” before the same fight can melt a guy’s eyes.
  16. Kissing a lot of feet will also make you smell a lot of things.
  17. You can choose to be a number of things but eventually have to decide on just being one of those things.
  18. When you’re trying to put yourself to sleep, you come up with a nonsensical list of things, like this one.
  19. You can eat chicken everyday and all day on a Sunday.
  20. This happens to be my hundredth post on WordPress.  Woohoo!

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