The Thought Parking Lot #2

The day is officially over.  Well, it was over more than 3 hours ago but the mind is still active.  That’s the trouble with these swimming thoughts.  Let me just park them before I finally get some shuteye.  Here I go:

  1. Indulging in a large coffee over a discussion just an hour before bedtime is now officially a big NO-NO.  It’s also another excuse to write a list.
  2. Time is relative to whatever it is that you’re doing.  Time is longer when you’re not doing anything and shorter whenever you’re swamped with things to do.
  3. It’s a good thing to be swamped and get paid than to be idle and hungry.
  4. In the Philippines, wild ideas are taken seriously.  Pacquiao as a peace negotiator?
  5. Slogans and tag lines should not be taken lightly.  Just look at the recent Philippine DoT example.
  6. Good marketing is a good way to send a bad product to hell in no time.  Take a look at PNoy crying over negative criticism.  Well, he wanted the job that bad.  Now that he’s not as shiny like during the campaign season, he’s all hurt.
  7. When lacking in good product attributes, you cannot pretend that the consumer is as dumb as you would like them to think.
  8. Paramore’s “The Only Exception” is playing in my head right now.
  9. I think I’ll root for Rampage at the UFC fight later.  After all, he’s BA.
  10. Gwyneth Paltrow is still as beautiful as ever.  Thanks, Glee.

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