I can win the PCSO’s Grand Lotto 6/55

“I can win the PCSO’s Grand Lotto 6/55.”  I say and share that line of affirmation with other betting Pinoys.  I share this silly wish of winning the jackpot with millions of other Filipinos.

As of this writing, the jackpot for the Philippine Charity Sweepstakes Office’s Grand Lotto 6/55 stands roughly at 700 million pesos.  It’s the largest-ever pot in lotto history in the country.  On draw day, I am sure that people will push that pot to a larger amount as they line up to place their bets at their favorite lotto outlets.

I know that for a lot of us, there’s a slight humoring that one of us will be the next millionaire Pinoy.   I do believe that all the people following the developments on PCSO’s 6/55 Grand Lotto know that there’s a greater chance of getting hit by lightning twice than hitting the jackpot.  Picking six winning digits out of a field of 55 numbers gives you a chance of about 1:29,000,000.

Sounds impossible? It isn’t.

While there are odds, winning isn’t impossible.  There is a sure-fire and quickest way if you have the money.  If I had the money, I can consider betting 20 pesos on all combinations just to win that pot.

Betting on all combinations, I will need to shell out 580-million big pesoses.  I think it’s a good investment since I’ll still have some money left-over from that gamble.  However, that idea does not take into consideration that someone else might have the same idea and do exactly just that — bet on all combinations.  If that happens, I’ll be in trouble.

Stupid idea.  Scratch that idea from the to-do list.

I’ll take my chances with 1:29,000,000 and hope I win the lotto in this lifetime.  If I know my draw schedules correctly, there are 3 draws in a week or 12 draws in a month or roughly 244 draws in a year.  244 draws with the same odds of winning.  Assuming that I bet every week using one combination and the fact that the current life expectancy of an average Filipino male stands at 67 years, I have about 7,000 plus chances to win the jackpot.   That’s also assuming that something doesn’t come out of nowhere to cut my lotto plans short.



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