Drinking Debate Suggestion — Which one is better?

It’s Friday and people will most likely be engaged in parties and drinking sessions this evening.  It’s also quite common in drinking sessions for people to have an active discussion about almost anything — religion, politics, economics and even showbiz.

Interesting debate question for a long drawn-out drinking spree:  Which would you rather have for the Philippines?

Option A) Let it be a country ruled by a crybaby with balls.


Option B) Let it be ruled by a pussy, much like how it is today.

Someone suggested to me that we’re better off ruled by a pussy.


With a pussy on board, the country is always bound to get fucked– at least something happens.  Compare that to the crybaby; once kicked in the balls, the crybaby freezes and nothing gets done.

I supported Option A last May.  I guess we won’t really find out what’ll happen with that option.

Anyway, if nabitin sa inom and sa debate, you can have a follow-up question:  Was former President GMA Keynesian or Neoclassical?

If that sounds too complicate for anyone (that includes me), there’s always THE other question — What is the meaning of life?  And then there’s THE question — “What is the Matrix?”



    1. Lol. I’m glad you’re amused.

      I like fighting boredom through blogging. I like to be unserious about a lot of things. The blogosphere is full of seriously written opinion already.

      Thanks for reading. 🙂

  1. btw, for the beer sessions – stick with our usual talks… music, movies, music, gossips, food, facebook(social media), etc. -> politics same as religion is never ending and no thrill, you will end up disappointed so might as well make the conversation and the topics interesting… right??

    oh belated happy 1 year to your blog.. 🙂

  2. So I’m guessing everyone or almost everyone will be grabbing a bottle tonight? oh.. i forgot to tell you.. i dreamed about everyone the other night.. you, leo, alex, rig etc.. t8 peeps… hahaha…

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