The Thought Parking Lot #3

I never get tired of her face

A new week started and I am going on the road again.  Before I go behind the wheel and drive, I’ll park some ideas for the rest of the week.  This will be a short one.

  1. Yup.  I didn’t win the 6/55 PCSO Grand Lotto.  I guess having nasty ideas on how to use that cash isn’t good karma.  I mean, we all have some weird ideas on how to spend that money, right?  My crazy idea involved a video camera, a homeless guy, an irritating celebrity and YouTube.
  2. I’ll definitely try to catch up on some lost sleep.  I haven’t been sleeping well lately and I’m certain that it’s partly to blame for the weirdness in my thought process.  I think it’s also causing some grumpiness.
  3. Intense daily doses of positive feelings can be misconstrued as someone’s been smoking too much pot.
  4. Who cares if PNoy doesn’t have a girlfriend?  The sad part about him being single is that, even without a possessive girlfriend hounding him, he still can’t do a stand-up job running the country.  Just imagine if he had a girlfriend.  Let the man stay single in peace.
  5. Here’s something positive to say to someone with an enlarged heart:  You must have too much love to give in that heart.
  6. Head-to-head battle:  Sanitized “Forget You” on Glee or the original “F___ You” by Cee-Lo Green?
  7. Holy shit.  I’m starting to like Gwyneth Paltrow‘s singing.  Okay, not just the singing.  In any case, she’s really going on a singing binge.  In her next movie (Country Strong), she’ll be….TADA!!!  A country singer.
  8. It’s easy to be dry and boring.
  9. Whenever you talk to yourself, do you express yourself in Tagalog, English, Spanish or any other language?
  10. For the dudes.   49% of AIDS transmission in the Philippines is through heterosexual contact.  That’s a pretty big chunk, if you ask me.  Stay safe.  Eat a lot of papaya to control those urges.  If you can’t resist it anymore, be protected.  Use the thing that the church won’t allow a horny dude to wear.
  11. With the brouhaha about Santa being more popular than JC during Christmas, I think people should also know that December 25 wasn’t always a Christian holiday.  Ever heard of Sol Invictus?  Blame the ancient Romans.  Too bad there aren’t any worshipers left.  Otherwise, they could be the ones protesting today.
  12. Kuliglig drivers protesting and street children begging for Christmas aguinaldo are glaring examples of letting small things become bigger things that bite your ass in the end.
  13. The MMDA should review the U-turn slots on major roads — like effin EDSA.  Those roads were not designed to have that kind of traffic flow.  With a driving population that isn’t aware of proper vehicle distance, proper yielding and proper merging, it isn’t a surprise that traffic on EDSA is super bad.
  14. Yes.  I should really get some sleep.


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