A Little More Hotness, Please

I admit that this product’s package design kinda stood out among other chips on the shelf of our favorite grocery store.  Next to light colored packaging, this dark bag of starch, salt, pepper and some oil made me want to pick it up and give it a closer view.  It promised very hot chips and a promise to GO WILD.  That sounded perfect for an evening watching movies at home.

Very Hot Chips!


I was also amused with the back of pack that provided an explanation on why peppers are spicy.  It also claimed that beer was the best way to neutralize the spiciness — I won’t argue against that. 🙂

Just Add Beer


As to Pinnacle’s Texas Wild’s promised extra hotness, I found the hotness falling short of being VERY.  But hey, I am pretty sure they tuned the taste to match the average chip eater’s hotness tolerance.  I’ve always been crazy about spicy food and might have built a tolerance already.

Overall, I still enjoyed eating the stuff.  I might even buy it again.  Why not?  It’s a perfect excuse to buy beer — it says there on the packaging. 🙂


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