The Casanova Graveyard

Sitting at the lobby of a small hotel trying to jot down some ideas from the day, I chanced upon this scene:

Subject 1:  Male; balding, probably in his mid-40s, pushing 50;  relatively fit

Subject 2:  Female, in her early 20s

Subject 3:  Female, in her mid-20s

Three subjects engaged in friendly banter over the counter of the hotel reception.  Yes, the hotel reception.  The two females were hotel receptionists while the man appeared to be a business traveler.  With the manner of dress and speech, said man appears to be maintaining a hip exterior shell.  Do note that shells do hide a slimy creature with a soft underbelly.  In the long course of evolution, it is my theory that man eventually becomes that — a slimy creature with a soft underbelly.

“I’m friends with _______ and __________ (supposedly famous folk).  Look at these photos”

The man maintained interest by telling his load of stories to the two females.  I overheard him incessantly repeating his email address, as if it’s some sort of a mantra and the females were supposed to find out something amazing about him.  “Sir, you seem to be quite a fan of Facebook,” one of the receptionists blurted out.  It was met by a strong objection from the man, but he kept on pushing his email address at the less attractive female.  Classic!  Win over the not-so-pretty one to get the bigger “prize.”  I’ve heard that in theory and seen that on TV but have never seen it in practice.  Frankly, I don’t know if it worked for baldy man.

While I do subscribe to the statement “30 is the new 20,” when you’re in your mid-40s, adjusting that to accommodate 40 as the new 30 is kind of a hard-sell already.  That’s true unless you’re a big customer of beauty products and surgeons.  Add a bit of clear nail polish, some gold links, and you’ve got the perfect formula for a D.O.M — a Dirty Old Man.  In each guy lies the heart of a lover, perhaps.  Add some money into that sinister pot and you’re sure to get some results, as most people think.

“If you ever need a ride going to Manila (the BIIIIG CITY) or if ever you’re in Manila, do let me know.”

I do believe that, at some point in their lives, men do relish the thought of reliving their glory days.  However, some choose not to relive the old days — they simply don’t leave the old days behind.  Is the fate of becoming the three-letter acronym true for all?  Maybe not, but the probability of that happening is probably strong, ranging at .8 to .9.

I don’t know if it’s myth or fact, that females outnumber men.  If it was truth, and most of the females that outnumber men range in the ages of 18 to 25, then that could spell trouble for the 40-something guy who’s always out on travel.  It’s certain that men on solo business travel do encounter moments of “loneliness” while on field.  The distance from reality might be a cause to live out a fantasy.  Who knows?

Baldy man leaves the reception counter and says “Add me up on Facebook, please.”


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