The Thought Parking Lot #4

Last week before Christmas Day and here I am getting ready for another work week.  Just a few mental messages that should be temporarily parked here before I start the week:

  1. Go, Philippine Azkals!  It was a good run in the AFF Suzuki Cup.  Making it to the semis was already a pleasant surprise.  Good job, boys.
  2. With the semis appearance of the Philippine football team during at the AFF Suzuki Cup, maybe it’s time the Philippine Gov’t to give some legit funding to this sport.  Life is a ball and it isn’t just basketball.
  3. If DUI was strictly enforced last Friday night, I bet the traffic cops would’ve made tons of cash.  While Friday night traffic is usually bad, December 17, 2010 was the Friday night of all Friday nights.
  4. The next appearance of the Philippine Azkals is on Feb. 2011.  They’ll be going up against Mongolia.  I hope they’ll gel well during the break.
  5. It was silly seeing the Philippine President at a movie premiere.  It’s also silly that we get to see him on the showbiz show “The Buzz!”
  6. Showbiz news shows today are a far cry from how Inday Badiday did it when she was still around.  Today, the shows are just geared to promote talents from networks.  Not that I care about showbiz personalities, but I wonder how their networks manage to maintain interest when it’s a predictable model for business.  What’s more mind-boggling is that people actually watch these shows.
  7. There’s another “Shake, Rattle and Roll” sequel on the upcoming Metro Manila Film Festival.  Talk about really miking the cow dry.
  8. Stayed up till 4 AM watching “The Walking Dead Marathon” on FoxTV Asia. Now if people didn’t know what “The Walking Dead” was all about, they would have probably thought that The Walking Dead Marathon” was about a bunch of people dressed up as zombies running 42 kilometers.
  9. On the real meaning of Christmas.  You must be a real prick if you have to remind yourself to be nice to your neighbor for just one day.
  10. It’s been raining all day.  I wonder. Will this be a wet Christmas week?
  11. With the PNoy’s exposure in showbiz shows, I think he’s starting to look more showbiz than former president Erap — and he’s an actor.  Exaggeration aside, TV networks should stop making PNoy look too showbiz.  With the news showing him mostly as inept, giving him a showbiz feel just reinforces this.  It isn’t flattering at all.
  12. Accidentally channel surfed/ switched to a Pinoy movie channel earlier.  In one scene, Vilma Santos was taking a shower, indoors — with her swimsuit on.  Weird scene, if you ask me.  Weirder was when Lito Lapid walked in and they start to make out.  Strangest was that they’re both politicians now.  One’s a senator and one’s a governor.
  13. The MMDA finally went ahead with the creation of the Traffic and Transport Management Office.  So, for those who’ll get flagged down and complain about traffic violations and wonder how the MMDA enforcer will respond, just read the patch.  It says “TTMO.”  “TTMO” rin. 😛

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