Why There’s No Chicken in Our Kitchen (for the first 2011 Dinner)

Before the year ended, I am sure that most of the “seers” and “fortune-tellers” in the Philippines had a terrific time making money out of the desperate dopes seeking “guidance” on how things will be in 2011.  While I do generally agree with most people who say that “There’s no harm in believing a little bit” whenever it comes to superstition, allowing unfounded predictions to have a major say in course of one’s life is absolutely preposterous.

In Chinese tradition, I was born in the year of the Ox and if I match that with my Zodiac sign, I’ll be an Ox under Cancer.  If I remember an old book I read about that, I’m officially shit-out-of-luck.  Now, why would I subscribe to that and quit living?

Every year, we all hear the professionals (famous fortune-tellers) make their fearless forecasts — from the state of an actors lovelife to even the occurrence of natural disasters — that suggest these people shouldn’t be taken seriously.  Why not?  With such broad predictions, like, “someone in showbiz will die” or “there will be a big storm this year,” they’re all bound to be correct, to a certain degree.  Heck, I can make that forecast, too.  In fact, everyone else can.

It's the chicken's day off

New Year’s superstitions include items of clothing to food items — all having some circles or something round about them.  That is why round fruit are commonly seen during New Year’s Eve dinners or media noche. One can even wear something with polka dots on it to suggest an abundance of money in the coming year — the dots suggest round coins.  Frankly, if the polka-dot myth was true, then people should just wear an outfit made up of Euros or Dollars.  That will certainly be a more direct approach.  As an aside, there was even one feng shui expert that suggested to wear a specific color when betting on the lotto — that’s how luck-obsessed people are in this country.

As for the poor chicken?  If you look at it’s free range version or realize that it has a relatively scrawny frame or think of the kind of diet it has, you’ll think that it’s not really a rich-looking animal.  It doesn’t, right?  Following old superstitious beliefs, we decided that, for this year only, let’s try eating bigger animals to welcome the new year.  Maybe, just maybe, we’ll usher in better luck.  So, tonight, it’ll be just pork and beef in a variety of Spanish-inspired dishes.

Very Filipino, isn’t it? 😛


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