Au Contraire Brain Flush

While there had been posts on WordPress pertaining to blogging everyday and posting a photo everyday, I have to admit that I had been stumped on what to post since the start of this year.  And thus, I came upon a thought: “Just how long can I go on without posting anything on WordPress?” and I meant ANYTHING.  No new blog posts, no pictures and no comments — NOTHING.

While on the verge of breaking into another record day of zilch and nada, I realized that not posting beyond 24 days seemed too baffling for someone relatively talkative as I; the thought stretches as far as the stretch in Hartnett’s role in the movie “40 Days and 40 Nights.”  The empty can must sound off!

Last post before this was January 1st.  Today’s the 24th.

Today I piss away the last ounce of faux creativity hiding behind my silly sentences.  I end my fictional blogging silence.  After all, words will always find a way to get out — bad grammer and all.


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