Picture Messaging

So, do pictures really paint a thousand words?  I counted less than a thousand per picture.

Make sure that you enjoy whatever it is that you're smoking -- just like in the picture

While more people today shun smoking, and it is most evident in places that have designated areas for smoking.  However, it is still fair to give smokers a chance to enjoy their favorite addiction.

And this one just says the truth, the kind of car you drive doesn’t dictate driving skills.  I’ve seen MBs weave and honk horns in traffic as if it’s the end of the world.  I bet the driver of the small Honda Fit just graduated from riding bicycles.

Junk shops are still good business in a lot of areas of this country;  not that we do have a lot of junk here, of course.  The sign just says there’s still money to be made or one man’s junk is another man’s treasure.

Someone's losing hair. How about clippers as a preemptive measure?

This one won’t be on any shampoo commercial.



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