Philippine Senate/House Hearings & the AFP Pabaon Scandal: Some Thoughts from an Ignorant Bystander (on a break from calling for blood)

If you think Survivor is reality TV, wait till you have seen an episode of the Philippine Senate/ Congressional Hearings.  Real-life drama of national proportions.

Angelo Reyes, a former chief of the Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP),  took his own life this week after attending one of the Philippine Senate’s “hearings in aid of legislation.”  He was supposed to be a witness, but ended up getting grilled instead.  May that man rest in peace, along with the secrets he carried with him to his grave.

Although the revelations from the supposed rat/witness  — Rabusa — can be considered as damning to those generals summoned to the hearings, I think that the public need to stay objective and weigh what is presented to them.  What we have on TV isn’t an ABS-CBN or GMA Telenovela.  There won’t be any love teams or love angles between protagonists.  The chisel-faced contravida is nowhere to be found.  We only have the rotund son-of-convicted-plunderer Jinggoy, the clueless TG and, currently, Santiago’s “fave face” in the senate — Trillanes.

Sorting out this mess need not be ruined by rotten directing.

So far, what do we have as “fact”?

1. There is send-off money for retiring generals.   However,no retired AFP chief — living or dead — has admitted to receiving the moolah.  The retired AFP chiefs we have will certainly distance themselves from the money (Di ba, Biazon?).  With all the noise in the Senate and Congress, if cases are to be filed against some generals, wouldn’t they have covered their tracks by now?  Certainly, there is need to call in the Department of Health.  There’s an amnesia epidemic.

2. Incumbent and past presidents possibly know of this system, as mentioned by some politicians (Di ba, Trillanes and Biazon?).  As far as I know, no president has confirmed the existence of the “pabaon” system.  I don’t think any former president will ever admit to knowing this.  Ask Ramos.  Conduct a seance and speak with Marcos.  We don’t have to go far back in time.  However, GMA’s lips are sealed and tight, like a Lilliputian’s arse.

3. There was no case filed against Angelo Reyes during the hearing.  If they’re going to file something, refer to #1.

4. As for Rabusa, as far as his involvement goes, is he going to do some jail time as well?

5.  What was the original hearing about anyway?  Oh, Garcia and the plea bargaining agreement.  Where is that hearing heading?

6.  As far as hearings in aid of legislation are concerned, is there a freakin’ database on bills/ laws/ regulations passed since the House started conducting these hearings?  Imho, if someone collected all the wasted spit on all these hearings, I think that would’be been enough to stave off the effects of last year’s El Nino drought.

If you still wonder why nothing seems to get done in legislation, that means you hardly watch TV.  Good for you.  With government acting on “WHAT’S HOT” rather than “WHAT IS REALLY NEEDED,”  I say GOOD LUCK to all of us.  Really, where are we on the following issues:

  • Gov’t transparency – With the numerous scandals that “ENTERTAINED” the public through the years, should not our bright boys and girls in legislation have come up with something to curb corruption by now?  Maybe they need to be audited down to the last centavo.  Maybe they need to be subjected to an embarrassing time and motion study.  My thought:  Productive use of saliva, PLEASE.  Those are my taxes paying for your salary, honorable sirs and ladies.  WTF?  Maybe there should be SENATOR/ CONGRESSMAN of the MONTH.
    • Related to the point above, isn’t it time for them honorable men to review their rules when it comes to congressional/ senate hearings?
  • Jobs generation – too bad there isn’t an opening for legislative saliva collector.
  • Food security – Last time I checked, the Philippines’ population isn’t decreasing.  How’s the food supply coming along?

I guess what I am trying to say is simply this:  If the government’s job is to entertain people, then the people should vote for more actors.  However, if you want results and then the government tries to entertain you, that is a totally different thing.  Oh, well, I guess being a politician is really a PROMISING career choice.


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