Is Valentine’s Day a Good Thing?

Millions of greeting cards later, V-Day is still around

February 13, 2011 — While a lot of people are lovestruck and busy preparing for tomorrow, I am sure that there are the nonbelievers who are also planning their non-Valentine’s Day activities.

There are also the bored few who bother to ask if this occasion is a good thing for us.  I am one of these bored few.  However, I happened to be in front of a computer and staring at a blank blog post at the time that thought came into mind.  I may sound harshly critical of Valentine’s Day but I do think that I have a good answer for my question.

To answer my post title:  Surprise, surprise! YES. Valentine’s Day or V-DAY is a good thing.  It’s one of those occasions, other than Christmas and New Years Day, that has some sort of positive impact on human society.  Why, you ask?  There are several reasons that come into mind.

The Obvious Mushy Reason: Rekindle the flames of love and reignite the passion; people are so into that on a worldwide scale.  You get to relive those precious moment with your partner or partners — if there’s simply just too much love to go around.

Sociological Reason: With all the bad news in this country, the term “good news” is starting to become an oxymoron.  It’s a good thing that at least on Valentine’s Day there will be a momentary break on TV and print with some stories about LOVE.  I’m betting that a good high level dose of dopamine will have a corresponding positive impact on the well-being of human society — at least for ONE DAY.

Economic Reason: I am not sure if there’s already a study on the economic impact of this holiday on the Philippine Economy, but I am certain that if there was, it’ll probably take note of the impact of the spike in consumer spending for just one holiday.  Expect spending on flowers, expensive dinners, motel and hotel rooms, and of course, a V-Day tradition — concerts featuring audio mush from both hot acts and has-beens.

These are guaranteed to ring!

In terms of gauging the impact, one can posit the following:

  • Flowers – from the shop to the delivery boy, the entire flower supply chain benefits from increased spending in one day.  If people tip delivery people, then these tips will probably be spent on other consumer items, thus V-Day provides a stimulus for other industries.
  • Motel and Hotel Rooms – while reigniting the passion, V-Day provides economic stimulus to the latex industry.  On the non-latex side, related benefits might go to the medical field — either for babies produced, and pregnancy supplements for future expectant mothers.  On the negative side, stimulus in the medical field might also go to treatment of something nasty contracted on this day — at least for the unsuspecting.
  • For the hotel/motel industry again, the surge in occupancy rates might prompt them to improve services in the future.  Doing so might attract more guests in the future.  Having a stable client base ensures that its employees get paid on time and even get paid bonuses in the future.  The impact of tips goes into increased spending by staff on other non-hotel related consumer items.  I think that is enough to negate the bad effect generated by the traffic jam created by people (and cars) lining up to enter a motel. 🙂
  • Concerts – of course, all that spending on a lavish production will end up in the pockets of a number of people.  These concerts will certainly push forgotten people back into the limelight.  Why?  With what I’ve noticed on the ads on TV, some concerts here feature really old acts (probably those with sagging careers) with enduring love songs that Pinoys are known to go gaga over — and fork over thousands of pesos just to sing along with LIVE.  Like, , if you feel like singing to a Gino Padilla song, then you should have been at the Eastwood City Mall last night.  From the production crew to the concert acts, valuable pesos will be spent to make people remember how great love is through the use of music.  All of that cash will enliven cash registers and keep them ringing.

So, what am I going to do on V-Day?  Nothing.  I’ll probably stay at home and ponder further on how much money it takes to keep people happy — something that I’ll do with my partner. 🙂

The bottom-line of Valentine’s Day:  The tradition may appear to have been created by big business.  However, if you really think about it, if people are not complaining and are happily spending for their loved ones, why argue with this tradition?

Love drives people to engage in illogical behavior.  Love is a strange thing, isn’t it? 🙂

EBTG’s Tracey Thorn, take it away:



  1. What’s a sister school ? Is it like a sister city?

    We used to live in Paranaque. Well, we still have the house there. My parents didn’t sell anything when we left. At least we have a place to go home to . My aunt lives there now.

      1. Ah, we left the country when I was about 6 or 7 years old, so I don’t remember anything, except Christmas and New Year, but, yeah, I can imagine V’Day being big in the Philippines. The country still believes on good old courtship, and that’s a good thing. I wish it was the same thing stateside.

        1. V-day? I’m not really a big fan of the occasion. As for courtship, it’s good, just as long as it doesn’t get too tiring. 🙂

          And it’s good to know that you still have a lot of fond holiday memories even if you left the Philippines when you were just 6. How many years have you been there anyway?

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