What to Do When You’re Not Blogging

After a year of writing things down here in WordPress, I noticed on my Dashboard that I’ve actually written about 120 posts.  120 posts!  That’s about 1/3 of a year and probably more words than any of my papers back in college.  After the odd and awfully long rant piece I wrote the other day, maybe it’s just time to write and go back to more simple forms of blogging — the LIST.
  1. Go back to your day job. If your company isn’t paying you to be browsing, reading and blogging on the internet, go on and do what they pay you to do.  Stop pretending that you’re working or they might just start to pretend that they’re paying you.

However, assuming you have a lot of time on your hands, then do the following: 

Maybe I can practice using a typewriter

  1. Read the news.  Most often than not, one can find inspiration for writing with what’s in the news.  That’s what I do.
  2. Read other blogs.  It’s a good exercise for amateurs like me to  read other blogs with a good following.  Not only is it an entertaining exercise, it’s also a good way to pick up different blogging styles.  There’s always listverse.com — informative and entertaining.
  3. Share a thought, post comments on other blogs. Who knows?  An exchange of ideas with other writer/bloggers out there might clear your thoughts for better writing/ blogging.
  4. Read blogs on blogging!  LOL. Seriously, for the intense blogger there are a lot of helpful blogging tips out there.  There’s stuff on Pro-Blogger, Copyblogger.  I also checked out Blog Godown before.  There’s also a link on my blogroll for one who offered tips — Kevin Tan.
  5. Watch a movie.  Relax that brain.  Not only will it be good for your blogging, the fresh brain will be better at its real job.
  6. Go on Facebook.  Catch up with what your friends have been posting on their walls — STALK THEM (kidding).  Play a game.  Currently, I’ve been playing CSI on Facebook.  It’s entertaining –just a bit slow on the energy recharge.  I don’t play FarmVille or CityVille because of all the wall posts it generates.
  7. Read a book.  Reading books is a good way to observe how real writers/ authors organize their thoughts in order to come up with a more cohesive presentation.  Personally, I’ve been hooked on the Freakonomics and SuperFreakonomics books lately.
  8. Read other fun stuff on the web.  There’s always Cracked.com.
If you’re in doubt whether you should be blogging or not, blog about it. 😛


  1. Oh, hey, we have Freakanomics here at home. Alas, I haven’t read it. In fact, I haven’t read any books lately. I used to read 3 books a week 2 years ago. And I don’t watch TV and movies either, but I do try to read the papers… well, the news on the Internet, and CNN once in a while. I have too much school stuff to do anything else. I have to admit my IQ level has gone down a notch, but at least I’m learning a lot about my future livelihood, and that’s microbiology.

    1. Hey! Try to read the Freakonomics series. It’s really quite entertaining. I also read comics. I just read through the entire Marvel Zombies series in one sitting this weekend and re-read the DC Crisis series a couple of weeks ago.

      LOL on the IQ.

      School and Microbiology? The bacteria must be loving all the attention. 😀

      1. I went to the local library last week to check out if there were any books on sale… found 2 and bought them. Except I had read the other one, Executive Orders by Tom Clancy , but it was a pocketbook. The one I bought was brand new, hardbound. The other one was Violets are Blue by James Patterson, hardbound too. Then at Costco, I bought this stupid book Heavy Duty Bathroom Reader, haha. Oh, and I’m reading Robert Ludlum’s Bourne deception by Lustbader. I’m on Ch. 11 already. I just don’t have the time to read anymore…

        1. Oh, I haven’t tried reading the new Bourne stories. I did read the entire original Bourne series before. I also have a few other Ludlum and Clancy titles gathering dust in my shelf.

          Enjoy Executive Orders. What’s Heavy Duty Bathroom Reader all about? Good for 30-minute bathroom breaks? 😛

          1. Oh, I’ve read Executive Orders years ago. But it was just a pocketbook that I bought for 10 c at the local library. That’s where I buy my books. Even the brand new hardbound books are just $2 a piece. I ‘ve read most of Tom Clancy’s books, except the newest ones, which I think are so out of this world. Not good at all. His old works are so much better… Patriot games, Red hunt for Red october , etc.

            he he Heavy Duty bathroom Reader is all about completely useless fun facts and trivia. Ex: Facts to Annoy Your Teacher, Weird Crimes, Huh?, 9-1-1, What’s Your Emergency?, to name a few.

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