So, What’s a Proper Face for Facebook?

My son and I saw an episode of Spongebob Squarepants earlier.  It was the one with Squidward getting a handsome face after Spongebob accidentally hit him with the door.  Throughout the show, we kept on laughing as Squidward struggled with his newfound physical appeal — he had a lot of fans following him around!  Eventually, he had to beg Spongebob to change him back to his old unattractive appearance.  However, no matter how many times Spongebob slammed the door on Squidward’s face, repeating the process simply didn’t work — his looks kept on improving.  Of course, that is expected.   Typical of any TV show, it has to follow the formula:  what was given accidentally has to be taken back through an equivalent and totally unintended manner.  Squidward got his old face back after Spongbob pushed him right smack onto a post.  Ironically, Spongebob was trying to save Squidward from getting hit on the head by a falling shoe that crashed through the roof.


What to put in there...

I happened to see a good friend of mine online the other day, the very stylish Rio.  In her post, she mentioned that social networks have evolved into a way for people to express their advocacies or the stuff they believe in.  She recently wrote about an agency supporting Original Pilipino Music (OPM) through advertising via Facebook.  I checked out the provider that she wrote about and I discovered fabulous looking headshots of Filipino artists.   With human nature dictating that you get to like something that is physically attractive easily compared to something that is not, that project my friend wrote about might really be able to help the cause of Original Pilipino Music.  Who knows? Maybe visual appeal will be a bigger draw than the auditory experience.  I just hope it doesn’t pave the way for more Auto-Tune. 😀  Kidding.


Drawing a parallel between the Spongebob episode and real-life behavior.  We’ve seen a growth in providers of cosmetic improvements for human faces.  I bet that if physical improvements were as simple as the Spongebob Door-Slamming Approach, we’ll see a sudden surge in the sales of doors.  But since that is not the case, we can expect sales of makeup to go up; expect happier and RICHER doctors in the future.  For those who choose to be constantly seen but cannot afford doctors, there’s always an alternative.

If you take a look at your news feed, chances are, someone has just recently updated their profile picture.  To an extent, some people make sure that their profile pictures are always of their best angles AND with the best possible lighting conditions.  You’ll see people with their best dimples on.  You’ll even see people showing off their bodies.  Perfectly normal behavior, if you ask me.  However, it does present a possible trend in the future — properly produced photos.

Right now I don’t know anyone who takes it to the next level and that is actually using photo editing software to make themselves more visually appealing for whoever is checking out their profiles.  The extreme behavior would be having to go on location with a professional photographer just to take the profile picture and ensure that it’s perfect for everyone to see.    Crazy idea, isn’t it?  People will always be concerned about appearance and will find ways to bring themselves out in the the best way possible.  If you don’t feel the same way, it’s also not an excuse for you to be seen at your worst possible appearance.

Personally, I think my friends on Facebook are more appealing in person than in the pictures they post on their walls.  There’s nothing like natural beauty, if you ask me. 😀


My Profile Picture When I was Too Hot to Handle

On my side of the Facebook universe, I used to have profile photos that show me with my favorite beer and favored photos that show me during my good moments.  Coincidentally, I also have a lot of tagged photos with me holding a beer bottle.  After all,  I used to be an active business partner in a pub.  Anyway, after that, I put my hand-drawn caricatures as profile images.  Now, I am back to photos.  This time it’s just my forehead sticking out of the bottom of the picture.  Personally, I got tired of seeing my face on my profile page; I see it everyday in the mirror.  Besides, my partner isn’t complaining about the way I look, either.  I won’t be tinkering with my photos anytime soon.

I am sure that the only time she’ll give me the Spongebob Door Slamming treatment will be for the other non-cosmetic reasons. 😛



  1. Yeah!! hahaha… Bakit may panot yung bunbunan mo? lols.. joke joke! :p

    and oh i have lots of friends who would take time to go and have their facebook photos taken by a professional photographer.. hahahaha.. :p

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