Mixed Reactions: The RH Bill, Merci and the EDSA Anniversary

Is the Philippines a Spent Force?

I suddenly remembered the controversial RH Bill the other day after reading about Barangay Ayala Alabang’s ordinance on condoms and Atty. Sison’s column in the Philippine Star.  While I am relatively lukewarm towards the bill, as in I am with whatever direction the government takes, I cannot imagine how shallow some of the arguments against this bill had been.  Seriously, I think they are all approaching this issue using different frameworks.  If morality is a gauge used by the Catholic Church, then cold statistics from congressmen cannot counter it.  Like, who wants to be known as immoral?

Maybe it will be beneficial to all to just overly simplify things, let the people just believe that RH will cost us money  — that is the only constant thing in any way we look at the issue.  Now, is it okay for us taxpayers to pay for that?  We can think of it in these worst-case absolute terms:  Would you rather have your tax money spent on roads and bridges that lead to nowhere or condoms that get to become balloons in some home?

Anyway, as for the arguments posted in the column, I think some of them came from kids pretending to be adults (a bit like me :P).  Come on.  Are we still using the assumption that people do not have access to different sources of information?  Maybe they should ban the internet along with not allowing RH, which is relatively impossible to do.  Why does not the Catholic Church move with the times?  If RH is insufficient, then the church should contribute to its improvement and not just focus on outright opposition to it.  Would not that be more progressive?

The weirdest piece of information posted in the column basically pointed out promiscuity and pleasure seeking as negatives.  Pleasure? Of course, sex is supposed to be a pleasurable experience (unless you have a headache or you’re simply a good liar).  If the feeling wasn’t gratifying, then humans would have died out a long time ago for lack of incentive to do the dirrrrty deed.  Factoring in sex outside marriage, if anything else is to blame for adultery aside from tired reasoning like loss of love in the relationship, it’s also loss of pleasure and lack of interest in coitus.  Ask a lot of Pinoy males: do they really prefer condoms while doing it?  That’s just a question for singles.  Now give the same question to married couples.  How many use protection?  There are a number of reasons why condoms are not being used — ignorance and machismo are interchangeable at number one.  If couples don’t use protection when it’s available, then they are aware of the consequences and still CHOOSE to go ahead — that is choice in action.  Not dealing with consequences is simply called irresponsible breeding.  However, there are not a lot of people who can afford to know the difference — isn’t this the segment targeted by RH?

Still the arguments border on morality and we all know that we cannot legislate that.  However, if it is forced as an issue versus education, then I still stand that it’s the failure of the church.  Why is it afraid to let go a bit? Is it afraid that it failed in spreading the good word on good morals and right conduct?  If the ends are the same and the methods are in question, then by using the same logic (or lack of it), we can arrive at the conclusion that using contraceptives and not having sex are both abortive practices and should be stopped completely because it prevents procreation.  Natural family planning methods may be different from what is stated in the RH Bill but the choice of what to use should ultimately be made by those well-informed of their options.  I still cite my condom example above.

For the church to be effective in stopping wanton pleasure seeking, then it should act more like an effective positive economic agent.  My opinion will always be: if it can provide employment to all those unemployed Pinoys, maybe the increased stress in their lives can reduce fertility rates and slow down population growth.  Cut the available time for coitus.  Make everyone too tired to have sex.  Maybe they should put more mercury in the water.

Pro-choice or no-choice? In the absence of options, then there is no choice to be made.  Sure, the gov’t can give you the whole educational packet on RH.  Sure, the church can tell us what to do using natural methods.  In the end, it’ll boil down to the choice made inside the chambers, between man and wife (and boyfriend and girlfriend).


Finally, the wheels of slow justice are turning again and the House of Representatives have decided not to wait for the finality of the Supreme Court decision on the Ombudsman’s appeal.  I think a lot of people cheered when that decision came about.  However, contrary to a lot of opinion of those wanting her head — mostly misinformed even in newspaper comment sections — the impeachment proceedings versus Ombudman Merceditas Guttierrez (OMG!) is not a way to send her to jail.  It works both ways.  If the prosecution bungles up its job, then OMG walks away free.  If that happens, expect Godfather Pilipinas ending to happen.  Anyway, whatever the decision may be, I just hope it clears up a lot of things so that the country can start to move forward.  Due process is for everyone.  Heck, even rats like Rabusa are given chances to redeem themselves.  Who knows?  Maybe she is not so bad after all…that’s just me humoring myself.

Anyway, if any people are wondering why there are still calls for her to just resign but she just won’t budge, the most obvious reason is that she won’t be able to protect herself effectively if she let’s go of her base of power.  It’s easier to protect something when you’re inside a fortress…or she could really be innocent after all…that’s just me humoring myself, again.

Merci proves one thing:  It’s good to know your laws and rights.  It’s hard to push someone whose back is against the wall.


As for the EDSA I Anniversary, thanks is still DUE to those who laid themselves on the line for the rest of the Philippines.  However, I still feel that the revolution is incomplete.  Too bad Filipino leaders went “puwede na yan” after ’86.  Just because the Marcoses left, everything died down and things resumed their normal corrupt ways.

Anyway, I think the “puwede na yan” mentality is largely responsible for a lot of nasty things in this country.  It allows the country to put unqualified people in public office.  It also made the return of the Marcoses very possible.  It also allows us to accept that a convicted plunderer can sit on the sames stage with a president supposedly against corruption.  “Puwede na yan” can be at the core of every situation.

Maybe it’s time to stop accepting “puwede na yan” and change it to “hindi na puwede yan.”  End of rant. 🙂


    1. LOL!!!

      Uy, even funnier is they even ask you to register your name at the drug store for you to buy a condom with that prescription. Bwahahaha.

      Frankly, I don’t know how a doctor is supposed to write a prescription for condoms. Hmmm, thinking about it tuloy. The law on prescriptions here states that a generic name should be included with the prescribed brand name. If that’s the case, then companies have to send reps to doctors just to promote their condoms and ensure that their brand gets prescribed. I can imagine the product sales presentation.:P

      1. The Church has been uptight, that’s for sure. They really should lay their hands off this birth control stuff. Couples sleep together everynight, so does the Church really expect them to rein in their urges just so the woman doesn’t get pregnant?

            1. Another blogger calls them the Ayala Alabang Taliban. In a way, you can call them Fundamentalist. lol.

              Crazy people said that you need a prescription to buy a condom. How crazy is that?

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