Tales of a Road Runner

My job takes me to a lot of places around Luzon.  Having said that, I spend a lot of time on the road and I get to encounter different kinds of vehicles with drivers of different driving habits.  Honestly, I enjoy traveling and taking note of what I see on these trips.  Call these notes as observations made in my own uncontrolled dynamic laboratory.

We’re All Addicted to the Internet

Chances are, if you’re reading this post, you are reading it on a notebook computer.  You’re probably in a comfortable spot in your home (either wired or wireless) or at a local coffee shop that offers free wi-fi internet connection.   The internet has certainly evolved into becoming increasingly mobile.  Today we have “smart” phones that offer mobile browsing through use of their own connection or via accessing a local wireless network.  Today we even have tablet computers, a break from the traditional notebook design, which focus more on fun-oriented computing users.

Computer technology is definitely evolving fast and computers are becoming smaller and cheaper.  Those with a decent enough income can afford to buy a notebook computer.  As proof of this, with growth in notebook ownership, businesses owners in urban areas think it is a safe investment to provide wireless internet access in their shops.  From restaurants to the local car wash,   the internet is there for the customer.  This is light years away from the old slow dial-up modem experience.

Anyway, back to mobile connectivity and business.   I was surprised the other day after I saw this on the road:

We really love our wi-fi, don’t we? 😀

Post-Motel Romp Road Etiquette, atbp.

In the Philippines, motels are widely known as quickie sex stops.  It is not a rare occurrence to see motels have signs in front that say either “Fast Break” or “Quickie.”   It won’t be a long shot to say that the driver and passenger of a car spotted leaving a motel did the dirrrty deed that would offend a hardcore Catholic who is up in arms against the RH Bill.  This is also the reason why most private vehicles leaving will most often be seen speeding away from the scene of the crime.  They’re afraid to admit that they did something in the motel.  In my humble opinion, there are other discreet ways to get away with that and WITHOUT the use of your own vehicle.

Back to the story.  Last night I passed a car exiting the friendly neighborhood motel.   it was still trying to get on the main road when I passed.  The next time I saw it was on my vehicle’s right side while it was trying to pass without any warning.  As it slipped behind my vehicle because the right lane of the road was jammed with parked vehicles, I realized that it was I was driving too defensively or the car was in a real hurry – it kept flashing its headlamps!   It did successfully pass my vehicle but it kept making lane-merging errors while maintaining its aggressive driving stance.  Lane-merging errors – no signaling and staying on the wrong lane – that car did them all.  Adding to my slight disappointment of that vehicle’s road behavior was the kind of car it was.

I normally expect proper driving behavior from people who own vehicles that are on the upper end of the price spectrum.  Now, if someone headed to a village in an upscale village, you should expect that even more.  While most lose themselves in their orgasms, the driver seemed to have lost his brains as well.  Bottom-line:  Just because you screwed someone that you shouldn’t have doesn’t mean you have to be an a-hole on the road. 😛

I can’t say that I am the best driver on my side of the planet.  I just expect road courtesy – even from people who just got it off at the motel.  To the driver of that Toyota Fortuner SUV with the plate number Z_T 741 seen exiting the Rosal Hotel last night, take it easy on the road.  You don’t want to ruin your good time with a road accident.  After all, you just got laid. 😀

Pedestrian Lanes are for Pedestrians

It is still a common error among drivers in this country to do this:

I don’t know if it’s a tit-for-tat reaction among drivers and pedestrians.  In my opinion, pedestrian traffic is like water.  It will always find a way to spill to areas on the street where it should not be.  Blocking the pedestrian crossing lanes is a sure way to do it.

Pahabol Story — Motel Patrons:  Use a Cab or a Car Whenever You Check In

I remember seeing a couple leave a motel riding a motorcycle.  The female didn’t wear a helmet and was busy hiding her face by pushing it hard on the guy driver’s back.  It was either love or a lot of shame for getting laid.



  1. Ahahah! What’s the real topic about? Driving habits or how to get out of quickie motels without getting seen? (^o^)
    Motels here do not have that kind of repute. 90% of motel customers are real honest to goodness travellers on long trips, that’s why motels here can be found along freeways , alongside gas stations, McDonald’s and convenience stores. We call them pit stops.

    1. LOL. I just didn’t want to use the title “How to Get Out of a Motel — Ninja Style!” Seriously, I just wanted to pile up the driving observations into one blog post — katamaran or laziness at its finest. 😛

      There’s only one motel here that I know of that is not entirely of the quickie sex stop variety. But it’s far up north and it’s along the highway.

      1. LOL Well, they have to do it at night, then. But then, if they need to be home with their ” family” by nightfall, then that’s a problem, indeed. Hehehe

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