And it’s Better than a 9th Place Ribbon

Always a Thrilla in Manila!

A friend calls it “the cheap seats.”  Another calls it “the jologs section.”  One calls it “the mosh pit.”  I fondly refer to it as “THE UPPERMOST BOX.”   It’s that section of seating right above the Upper Box.  It’s more popularly known as “General Admission” or “the Bleachers.”

I don’t know how it got to be a tradition in my group of friends, but we’ve always ended up watching concerts in the uppermost section of the Araneta Coliseum.  My friends and I have managed to squeeze into our tight schedules enough time to watch Incubus, Tears for Fears and just last night (March 9, 2010)…the Stone Temple Pilots!

While many treated it as a once-in-a-lifetime thing, my barkada and I decided to treat it as one of our rare times that we get to bond and do something else other than drink like the (broke) college kids that we were.  This was certainly better than the 4 the boys promo at UPLB’s Mang Pogs back in the 90s.

So how was it to end up on the far section of the “coliseum”?

I say that it’s pretty good, considering we were on the front row of the far end.

Here are a few looks from where I was at (photos taken with a BB Curve):

An hour before the show

Araneta starting to fill up…and why did I take this picture?

First Act Up! And it's SinoSiKat??

Note: My other friends still wonder why SinoSiKat? opened the show.

Personally, they’re a great band, but…on second thought, Kat is just so gosh-darn purrrty.

STP’s on and the lights go bright!!!
Scott Does His Grind…pretty much the “signature” move. 😛

Cellphones, Cameras and Monitors light up the dark like twinkling stars


Despite all their rage, they're still like rats in a cage

That section by the Gen. Ad. was crazy as people wanted a view of the show.

My group had a blast singing along, especially the 90s songs like “Plush,” “Big Empty” and “Interstate Love Song.”  I have to admit that I haven’t picked up on their 2010 release but I am contemplating on picking it up if I see it in the store.

Now if you’re wondering why the photos look terrible, do note that we were — I don’t know — more than a __feet away.   Anyway, we were there for the music (and to hang out) …as were the hundreds of people in the cheap seats with us. 😛



  1. Take a pic of yourself in hip hop outfit. *palmface* I need a good laugh right now. I’ve been reading sad, sad stories. Damn, I’ve been shedding buckets of tears the past few days. My eyes are all swollen.

  2. Aaargh, I can’t even say music is hip hop. Music should have melody in it.
    Well, at least, even non-talented brothers can earn tons of money. Good for them.

  3. I love classic rock!
    They certainly don’t do music like they used to anymore, do they? I guess my Mom has a great influence on my music appreciation. Great music was killed by hip hop.

    1. I wouldn’t say that exactly about hip hop. It’s for a totally different segment of listeners. In my case, I try to listen to a lot of different kinds of music.

      However, our “staples” in the house when I was growing up was mainly the “classics.” The Beatles and The Rolling Stones were there. Up till today, I still listen to Led Zep, Van Halen and Rush. I also listen to Canadian bands like Broken Social Scene, Stars and Arcade Fire. 🙂

  4. Awww! I do believe the Beatles are.

    I went with my parents to an Eric Clapton concert one year ago. Darn, he looked like a grandpa already. And the people who were there were definitely baby boomers .

  5. Over in my neck of the woods, the Bleachers are called ” Nosebleed section. He he
    Ah, the stone temple pilots are quite a cool band. But I presume, they must be 20 years older, huh. No matter, even the Rollingstones still rock !

    1. The Rolling Stones are at the foundation of the house of rock and roll. 😀

      Speaking of 20 years older. I teased a friend of mine who failed to see the show. Told him to catch the STP reunion concert in 2025.

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