A Little Nuttier Than Usual

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I often find myself making fun of things that are beyond my reach.  It’s like a weird form of sour graping.  Most of the time, it’s only me who gets it.

I miss howling at the full moon.  I haven’t seen it in a while.



  1. Thank your lucky stars the country was spared. Years ago, there was a big tsunami, too. I don’t know if the Philippines got hit. It sounds ominous….. oh, wait, do you snow fell on Vietnam? How crazy is that?

  2. (@__@)
    No kidding….. so if there’s a faultline nearby, what would happen if there was an earthquake? Doesn’t the Philippines have an earthquake, like, everyday? Undetectable, but it occurs everyday, or so I heard. I’d be scared too, especially after Japan.

    1. Well. the faultline I am on has not moved in a while. Because of what happened in Japan, a lot of people are saying that we should get ready for a big one. Scary.

      1. Ah, I missed the full moon too. It was raining really hard when it came out…. but I guess I’d be scared if I saw that anyway. I have this doomsday scenario swirling in my head… it reminds me of that movie where the moon got hit by a huge asteroid, moved out of its orbit , got pulled over by earth’s gravity, and finally collided with earth. Damn, that was a B-movie, but it affected me.

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