The good thing about bad news in the Philippines is…

…we’ll never run out of topics to talk about.

Bad news is perfect as an icebreaker if ever you find yourself trying to strike up a conversation with another fellow on the street. Β It could be with a very opinionated taxicab driver or jeepney driver; you’ll have an easy time talking.



  1. Tee hee
    I can walk up to a girl and say, ” Oooh, you’re so pretty ! What color is your lipstick? ” LOL But a guy can’t do that to ask, ” You look cool, man. Who’s your barber? ” Hahaha If I were the man, I’d find that disturbing too. lol
    But I like a man who’s comfortable enough in his gender that he can do women chores like cooking, doing the laundry, washing dishes, etc. Do you know girls find men cooking in the kitchen sexy ? Don’t be surprised why chefs on Food channel are so popular. Well, that’s a tip on what women want. we don’t really like macho – muscled men who are players… they’re gross. geez, I think I’m ranting… hahahaha

    1. I guess we can ask each other about shoes. Like, “Pare, nice shoes! Where did you get them?” πŸ™‚

      And on guys that can do house chores: I’ve been that kind of guy for several years already. I’m still waiting for my day off. Hahaha.

      Honestly, I think girls may think they like a guy who’s well-rounded in the house. However, I won’t be surprised if they get all “kilig” if a six-pack abs macho man picks them up easily.

      1. Oh, yeah…. if a macho man can wear a flowered apron comfortably, that would be a bonus, I guess… for a lot of girls. I like them tall and lean though, and wears glasses, oh, and can solve problems on Quantum Physics. lol Now you ask why glasses guy? Glasses make men vulnerable.
        Sheesh… what topic are we on again? Ahahaha

        1. Tall, lean and glasses…vulnerable? For some reason, I can see images of men straight out of manga or anime. πŸ˜› What’s with quantum physics?

          Aprons for macho men? They should be able to handle the hot cooking oil spatter minus the apron. Hehehe. πŸ˜›

          We were originally talking about bad news in the Philippines and the US as globocop…hahahaha.

          1. (@___@) manga men? * ponders*

            Nailed it!!!! I think my brain’s full of that !!!!

            Quantum Physics…. well, I assume they are the nerdy type…. i like the nerdy type…the probability of this type of guy being a player is almost nil…..

            hahaha we’re waaay off the radar then….

      1. Tell u what, it’s different with women. Women admire beautiful women. With men, and correct me if I’m wrong, it’s weird , well, that’s for both staright men, that is. Can you imagine 2 staright men admiring each other. (^o^) Sis is telling me, at her all-girls school, girls admire the pretty ones. In fact, when she was in high school, she received a lot of ” admiring ” letters, especially from lower years.
        Hey, hey, hey, perish the thought. Wahahaha! I’m straight!! I was just kidding re Zeta Jones! (~_~)

        1. The only straight guy I admire is me…whenever I look in the mirror. I’m a narcissist. Kidding.

          Yeah, I haven’t really tried asking my guy friends if they have a guy that they like. However…I can imagine the reactions. πŸ˜›

          I think it’s more of a phase in females. It’s okay to like Zeta Jones, Ms. Iglesias.

          1. I admire me too… * flicks hair* …. Kidding!!! he he
            Yep, but a straight girl can say that to another straight girl, right? Yep, that’s what I mean.
            Zeta Jones is the kind of beauty that I like, not the blond, Britney Spears type. Same with men… black hair, blah, blah… Brad Pitt isn’t my type.

    1. Hey! Long time no hear.

      It’s 5 pm here. Just finishing a few more things in the office.

      Check your email later (the one on your wordpress account). I’ll send you a message there.

      1. Managed to get a few hours of sleep.
        Barber shop talk must be interesting , huh. Do you know I’ve never rode on a taxi here in the US? They are few plying the roads, and we have to call the cab company if we need one. Not in New York though. Just like in the Philippines, people can just hail a taxi.
        Politics and bad news are as overwhelming here stateside as anywhere in the world. Geezuz, the US is again putting its nose where it shouldn’t be, at $ 500 K a day, not to mention the $12.5 B a month for Afghanistan and Iraq. Now that is bad news for taxpayers , and we don’t see the end of this crap in the near future.

        1. The taxis here are around 24 hours a day. But that’s only here in the city area.

          I’m not really much of a fan of war (except in the movies). I’d like to think that I can always count on the US as global stabilizer aka cop rather than just simply putting its nose where it shouldn’t be. Maybe it does have a few misses in its role. However, you have to think that in the long run it has produced more hits. But yeah, what your country does is really expensive — financially and emotionally — for the people. From where I stand, the “gift of democracy” needs a really comprehensive and easy to read manual.

          Oh, I was in an area where US soldiers were holding exercises with our military. I happened to meet a nice lady soldier from the US navy. They were building a school in one of the barrios up north. At least I know of one good thing that came out of these exercises. Add the fact that the soldier lady was kinda pretty helped a lot in making me appreciate what your country does…kidding. LOL.

          1. Yep, we’re like world cop. Methinks though some countries of the free world should share some of the cost of war. Just about everything here has been defunded.
            Ahaha… going for the looks huh. Oh, wait, there are US soldiers there?

            1. Looks? Everytime! LOL

              Anyway, I wonder if the US Congress has that idea in mind –Globocop for Hire. Sounds like a very good business idea. The soldiers are here for the “Balikatan” exercises. I think it’s an annual thing.

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