Refocusing/ Fine Tuning

Because of corporate greed, one of my favorite cable channels got yanked off my cable provider.  The channel was declared exclusive for a competitor of our cable provider.  What can I say? Business is all about bludgeoning your competitor without killing them.  That move was brilliantly executed by cable company S.

Thanks to that smart move by cable company S.  I’m going to have a hard time watching the NBA Playoffs — just when in it’s the SECOND round.  I guess cable company GD is destined to lose the battle in the long run unless it finds a way to counter the superior product offering of its competitor.  What is this company good at, anyway?


One comment

  1. All the cables here in the US have the same programming. There’s no such thing as ” exclusive ” to one provider because that is just so dumb. A show , like the NBA, for example , would want to sell to as many cable companies as possible. Besides, it’s no good to have a monopoly . Pretty soon, thhe cable provider will manipulate the shows that they want to show. The people will always be the loser. Monopoly is evil.

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