Music and Ignoramuses

On music:

On a cannabis induced trip, in the fictional world of brianitus land, I am the king.  I am making a universal declaration that everyone with an appreciation for rock music who happens to own an iPod (or whatever device) should reserve some (or a lot of ) disk space for music from The Beatles.  Come to think of it, one doesn’t need a high to love The Beatles.  Come to think of it, almost everyone I know appreciates their music — regardless of age.

On my last road trip, my passengers — older than me by a decade or two — were all singing along with John, Paul, George, Ringo and I.  Thank you, Abbey Road and Sgt. Pepper.

On ignoramuses:

There was a group of 7 or 8 next to my table at the local pub a few nights ago.  Several of them were teasing someone in their group for being “old,” since he knew the title and artist of a 20-year old song.  Interesting, but stupid way to tease someone.

Applying the rule to myself:  So, if I happened to appreciate the grand lady Ella Fitzgerald, will that make me close friends with Methuselah and Imhotep? 😛



  1. Love this! I just love this! People who don’ t know Beatles, don’t know anything about music 🙂 It’s like not knowing what music Herbie Hancock played before he won a grammy with Rock it. Sorry to say, I despise POP music but all things POP came from the classics 🙂 Reinvented to be grasped by the mediocre ears. 🙂

    So Cheers to all music lovers and to those who appreciates the classics! 🙂

    Obladi Oblada! 🙂

    1. Sis Leis!

      Nice to see one of your comments here.

      So what did Herbie used to play? Speaking of Rock it, now you’ve got me thinking about the dancing mannequins!

      Cheers! Life goes on!

      1. It’s a holiday cos it (was) your birthday! Too late a greeting my brotha botha! Once again I was challenged by my inability in finding solution to my blocked FB site which gave me a good reason why I forgot your big day (bites my forefinger while eyes’ rolling).

        About Herbie, we have a video of his jazz sessions for Blue Note (record label who features Jazz Masters like Miles Davis, John Coltrane) and some hard-to-find music cds (thanks to my street-CD hunting (you know where I was able to get your Jimi H, right? ). My favorites-Cantaloupe Island (yes, that’s his!) and his version of the River as a tribute to Joni Mitchell which was also sung by the new artist- Corinne Bailey Rae. ( of course, my ears are still not so “deep” into mainstream Jazz, but I’m appreciating them already ahhahahah! (sign of old age).

        (Btw, if you have the luxury to blog, pls do view my latest flickr pics-, ciao!)

      1. When I burst out ” Gawd, I love that song ” ( a Billy Joel song, Just the Way You Are ), I gave a look that clearly stated ” Don’t you dare say anything, ” Ahahaha !

          1. Of course! I ‘m into music. But, I can only listen to beautiful songs. For some reason, I like Lady Gaga’s stuff. And believe it or not, I just can’t shake off Taylor’ Swift’s songs off my head, and for a while, I was so into Carrie Underwood, Daughtry, Train, James Blunt, John Mraz, and so many others…..I can study and listen to the radio at the same time and in fact, I cannot sleep without music… and light too, hahaha. I am so up to date.

  2. Oh, this is a good post !!!

    And yeas, I can relate. Teasing a person as being old just because he or she happens to like old songs is quite rude. If I happen to like Mozart or Bach, does it make me their colleague? That is so stupid and retarded!

    1. Hey, ren!

      I knew this one will apply to you, since you also listen to the same music I listen to. But I guess no one teases you for lovin’ classic rock. 😀

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