Sitting on a Corn Flake

Time is a constant.  It moves forward, even if we do not want it to.  The seconds, minutes, hours, days and years pass.  March on, time must.

Aging is inevitable.  The once-tight skin loosens.  The once-loose jeans tighten.  The once-tight screws of a sharp mind come loose, eventually.

Forgetting is often wished to be optional.  It is often forced by the passing of time — the constant — and aging — the inevitable.  Sometimes, time becomes a variable when forgetfulness is staved off by medication and constant flow of IV, as if to nurse faint memories.

Sitting on a corn flake.  Waiting for the van to come. 😉


(note:  this one’s written after a very tiring 10-hour drive)



  1. aaargh ! Aging is a b*tch, esp. for females. Everything goes south, and no matter how we prop it up, gravity always wins. But , you guys….. it’s not so much of a problem, eh? (*~*)#

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