Same News, Different Day

Reading the past week’s news is almost like a trip through a time machine or a wicked case of Groundhog Day.

There’s news about cheating in 2004.  There’s news about corruption in the past administration.  Come to think of it, most news IS about corruption in the past administration.  If former P, now CGMA, is a publicity hog who doesn’t care about good or bad publicity, she’ll probably be in her own little version of nirvana.  She’s in narcissist heaven.

Oh, aside from news about her, there’s the constantly simmering discussion about RH.  Like, can’t the gov’t grow a pair of mighty balls and decide already?  It’s as simple as a go or no-go.  After that, the rest of RP society will settle in a new equilibrium.

Anyway,  one thing is certain.  The recycling of news is simply because issues in this country is always left unresolved.  Even now that her supposed ally has been out of the way for several months, it still appears that she’s a fly being hunted using a shotgun.

Now, in some papers and opinion columns, I read ideas about “moving on” and “forgiving” the past president.  Like, we’re not close.  I’m not even an acquaintance.  Isn’t this a reason why we have systems?  So that we don’t have to get too emotional about issues?  Let’s be objective.

Like, why do we have to forgive GMA or any alleged crook?  Hell, it doesn’t really matter if we forgive them or not.  Just file the case.  Prove them guilty.  Send them to jail.  That’s enough.  Frankly, as a taxpayer, I’ll take concrete actions and results over the drama.  Seriously, I think one reason why nothing happens in this country is because we love talking our issues to death.  We just love checking how people feel about things.  The bigger issues are not just talked to death, they’re even talked to death in front of media.  It’s as stupid as those news interviews where a reporter asks a victim of some nasty crime the stupid question “how do you feel?”

I guess the best suggestion for gov’t is to just abolish the justice system and assign the role to media.  The next step will be to put remote “like” or “unlike” buttons on TV sets.  If we’re going to do a trial via publicity, we might as well do it properly.  WTF.

Sidebar thought:  If anyone should complain about cheating in the 2004 presidential elections, I mean aside from the FPJ camp, it should be Noli de Castro.



  1. some things are better left unsolved… errrr… agree with RENXKYOKO brian, you dropped by mine like one time and never again! COMMON! share the love.

    1. Hey, DP!

      Sorry for not being around too much. I’ve been too busy lately. Hardly enough time to write a semi-decent post.

      I’ll visit your blog and post a comment soon.


  2. Meh, Brian. Dream on. Even the Marcoses’ shenanigans remain unresolved to this day. Hey, you know what, that’s the big problem in the Philippines. There’s no true justice. Bigwigs remain unscathed…. they are the untouchables.

    Hey, how is it going? Do you still read my blog? I don’t se you there anymore. ( >.<)

    1. Hi, Ren. A friend told me that I should just read the lifestyle sections. They’re better for my blood pressure. 😛

      Anyway, I still manage to read your blogs. I’ll post a comment soon. 🙂

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