The Thought Parking Lot #6: NUTS!

Parking my thoughts again.  With the workload I currently have, I can’t afford to have them swimming in my brain.

  1. I am sure glad that the Mideo Cruz circus is packed-up and almost ready to go.  However, in the country where everyone has nothing else better to do, I am not sure if it can go freely.  Senator Jinggoy might make sure of that via Senate hearing.  Sheesh!
  2. If you want to become an artist, you’d better change your name to Art.  That’ll come in handy once the critics come bashing.
  3. What are artists for anyway?  Is it to provide employment to critics?
  4. I wonder if the people into phallic worship were as equally offended as the Catholics.
  5. I say, blessed are the faithful who do not need a physical representation of their god.
  6. Mideo Cruz, a penis? Really, a penis?  You knew about the shit storm that was going to cause.  You’re on my list of batshit insane people.  LOL
  7. Religion makes people crazy.  Like, throughout history, how many people have died in the name of religion? Contrary to teachings, I don’t think religion has made humanity a peaceful lot.  It’s gigantic wall blocking all of us from peaceful coexistence.
  8. Confined spaces and traffic jams make people crazy.  That explains the awful commuter and driver behavior inside the MRT and on EDSA (in that crazy tunnel under the Ayala intersection).  Add body odor from a long working day and pollution into the mix…kaboom!
  9. The Arroyos drive RP nuts.  Just look around the internet.  I wonder how many millions of words are dedicated to them.
  10. In the long run, I still think it’s cheaper for the Philippines to just blow the Arroyos up via IED.  They’re practically guilty in the public’s eyes.  It’s useless to have them investigated and face the proper courts.  Maybe the current gov’t can ask the Ampatuans.  Mega Arroyo funeral or Lacson/Jinggoy on TV?  Catch 22?
  11. It’s safer for Filipinos to just read the Lifestyle Section of a newspaper.  Oh, wait, they might see the F. Sionil Jose commentary on Mideo Cruz…nuts!
  12. In related news, the gov’t finally grew enough balls to include RH in the priority bills.
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One comment

  1. I like No.5 🙂

    About no.7-People tend to fight for their opinions and religion has been part of that opinion and not treated as something Sacred.tsk tsk tsk

    On no.9- Whoever sits in the like sitting in a toilet, soon they’ll be flushed 🙂 RP loves playing with the toilet duck. 🙂

    11. – Mideo answered some writer’s writer’s block 🙂 Viola! no more deadline worries!

    On Mideo:
    Dean: You know the Greeks didn’t write obituaries. They only asked one question after a man died: “Did he have passion?”

    “Mideo died with his passion for phallic symbols. :)”

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