Relationships as T-shirts

The great cycle of mating and relationships have always been romanticized by poets and writers.  It’s in songs, books and visual media.  We’ve seen movies with untiring plots of boy-meets-girl, boy-falls-for-girl, boy-loses-girl and then goes psycho.  That’s usually followed by a scene with the guy all-dirtied up or the guy trying to go on a rebound.  Nevertheless, at least in the movies, there is almost always a happy ending.


While in the store earlier this evening, I spotted a couple of shirts with messages on them.  Funny as I thought they were, they sort of speak some truth about human relationships.

Everything starts casual like a t-shirt

In the early stages of contact between the opposite sexes, people are driven mostly by the desire to mate.  It’s a good thing that people have brains and evolved control over their emotions.  Humans sift through the available information and decide on what is best to do next.  Imagine if people were like animals, most motels/ drive-ins would close shop or would not have even existed.  The phrase “get a room” would not have been coined.

No Money, No Honey

As the relationship progresses and the mates settle down, longevity of the partnership will often rely on this fundamental truth — following your dreams or living the dream costs money.  Sadly, budgetary constraints are a cause of stress in any relationship.  Sometimes, the constant conflict arising from negative cash positions overturns even the most positive of emotions.  Princes turn into frogs and Princesses into nags or hags.  The key to longevity is the same as answering why one should keep on kissing the frog or hag.

I tried searching for a t-shirt that will say something about the perfect relationship.  I didn’t find any.  Maybe that state does not exist.  The bottom-line is that magic potions to cure relationships cannot be found in the store or in any book.  It can’t be found in any movie, either.

I guess, we all have to live with the imperfection and all the uniqueness it gives to a partnership.  Perfection is uniformity.  Uniformity is boring.  Boring leads to the dark side.  The dark side leads to wearing bad t-shirts (and probably bad writing).



  1. Yes….. DEEP.

    Relationships… TOUGH. My current GF is relatively new (6 months) and it’s nice but it ain’t easy all the time.

    BTW, you’ve reached my blogroll. I have added you.

  2. Oh, wow ! Getting deep , ^o^#

    We all seek for that , I ;m sure. Oh, yeah, I am seeking for that one perfect relationship with the perfect guy…. well, perfection that meets my standard. To me, being perfect is not exactly someone who looks like Brad Pitt… he’s someone who looks pleasing to my eye ( good dresser, good set of teeth, tall, beautiful smile, smells good, etc.) Oh, and most importantly, a perfect relationship to me is when a guy loves me and there’s trust berween us. Trustworthiness is very important.

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