In the News: The wicked leaks and incontinence

With the recent Wikileaks…leak about US dispatches referring to the Philippines, a lot of words saw print online and off.  End of the day assessment leads me to just take everything with a grain of salt (for now).  It’s really stupid for the PNoy  government to just fly off the handle because of these “leaks.”  Their releases were too amateurish, even for an amateur like me.   Their reactions trumped the presidential lovelife jokes.  It was like, basta makahirit lang.

I think PNoy should bring out the thunder and lightning in his meetings with them.  I didn’t vote for the guy.  I don’t believe in him.  However, I also don’t want him to fail as president.  In this wikileaks case, I think his people made him look bad in front of all of us.   That’s a different story altogether.

Just to take a break from that circus.  I read one of the oldest opinion writers in the Philippines the other day.  Whoever thought of the title for his piece could have done better, imho.  While on a mean streak, I found this “funny”:

Incontinence Makes the Headlines

The picture of an old man next to that title.  Sorry, I guess I was too bored and too mean that day.  Picking on the title and not much on the writer. 🙂

Anyway…back to whatever it is that I was doing.



  1. aaargh ! You’re as lazy and neglectful as yours truly. It’s been awhile too since I last posted… more than a month ago ! ! I feel so bad.

    How’s it going, Brian?

    1. Hey, kiddo!

      Same same here. Busy as bee on overtime.

      I’ve been wanting to post something new but I simply don’t have enough time. I’ve been reading and posting short comments na lang wherever. lousy.


  2. What is it about, Brian ?

    Gawd, I’ve been so busy, but I try to read up on the blogs I follow, like yours. Eh, you have to do the same with mine.

    So, how ‘s it goin’?

    1. Hey, Kiddo.

      I just thought that the old man’s pic next to the title was a bit off. Especially that the title was about leaks…

      Oh, I have your RSS feed set up on my reader. I always get to spot your posts. 🙂

      How’s it going? Well, same old same old. Busy with work. Haven’t had enough time to sit down and write, except for required articles for submission (work-related).

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