The Thought Parking Lot #7: On productivity

Whew! It’s been a while since I last wrote anything here.  It’s a good thing, believe me.  I’m starting to think that the less I write here, it means that I am less distracted.   With the job responsibilities I currently have, it’s impossible to put together a decent sentence for my blog.  I still get to write, though.  I’ve written and had more than a couple of articles published by the company I work for, that’s about it.  It’s a good thing that the editors are patient.  Not bad for someone who isn’t a writer writer.:D

Here are some thoughts I picked up along the way:

  1. Work-Life balance is a tricky thing if you’re feeling lazy and uninspired.  You’ll always end up trying to catch up or make up for lost time which leads to a LOT of STRESS.  The trick is blow laziness and find an alternative source of inspiration.  If that doesn’t work, weed out the non-essentials and stick to the task at hand.  I particularly loved this article I read just now from Francis J. Kong on the site.
  2. I’m considering working on Sundays now.  I mean, TRY to work on Sundays just get things organized for the work week.  Obviously, clutter increases start-up time for any employee.  I will work on a Sunday!
  3. There’s a always a convenient excuse for anything.  I think that a lot of people are guilty of this.  However, not everyone is stupid enough to accept all excuses.  It sort of balances out.
  4. I’m trying to decide on whether I should blast my emails to nothingness.  So I dug up some tips and found some interesting articles.  If one wishes, one can go totally aggressive as suggested in an article on  Just sharpen that axe.
  5. We can all be “inspired” by our idols.  However, if you don’t sweat it out and take chances, that inspiration is really worthless.  So stop reading about how Steve Jobs changed the world.  He changed the world, he’s dead.  Deal with it, suck it in and get back to work.
  6. Just to add, reading the news can be a total distraction.  With the way things are going in the Philippines, there’s just simply too much negativity out there.  A year and a half after the new president took over…I won’t be holding my breath anymore for real change.  I think I’ll just keep myself busy with things that I have an effect on.  I don’t have an effect on how this country is managed, from traffic all the way to the economy.   We should all behave and be good citizens, just like what government wants.  Do not disagree with the PNoy.  He is Big Brother.  Be a news “hermit,” ignorance is bliss.  😀  Sounds so 1985.
  7. I think I’ll get deactivate my Facebook account soon.  It doesn’t really serve a productive purpose.
  8. Don’t forget that one is only human.  If we are all robots and productivity freaks, then the world will become a lot more boring than it already is.


  1. Writing this at school.

    Hi, Brian ! Finally, an update ! I guess you’re not the only one feeling the crunch. Speaking of productivity…. I try to make use of every minute that I’m not working, or doing school stuff. Like right at this moment, instead of watching people pass by, or dozing off, or basically spacing out, I turn on my puter to read up on various blogs. Yegads, I think I even lost a bit of my sense of humor, if I even have that, in the first place. People watching tweaks the funnies in me, but then I look so pathetic doing that, lol. Like, get a life, Ren.

    1. Hi, Ren!

      Thanks for the “like.”

      Yeah, it’s the best update I could come up with. It’s very close to how things are in my life today.

      Good luck with school, kiddo!


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