When You’ve Got Extra, Pass it Around

This week I’ll be doing one simple thing to cut some stress out of my system.

Writing «Shit_happens»

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Frankly, I’ve got to be kinder to myself (in my head).  It’s bad already that I know I have a LOT at stake and a LOT to finish.  Cracking a mental whip at me won’t help.  I am learning how to enjoy that whip already and it’s pushing me to an odd comfort zone.

I’m going to stop beating myself up and giving myself shit.  I’ll pass that shit around instead.  Whoopteedoo!



  1. Ah, you mean you’ve been too hard on yourself. In a way, we are all in a similar situation, working our asses off, thinking too much, trying so hard to do the best we can…….. hey, we really need to stop and smell the roses.

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