The Thought Parking Lot #8: Useful Things (and links, I think)

Trust the Philippines to come up with interestingly long weekends.  The gov’t declared October 31, 2011 a holiday.  Add the regular November 1 holiday to that and now we all have a 4-day weekend that’s now on its third day.

Aside from “trying” to catch up with paperwork leftover from the office, what else have I done to make myself feel “productive”?  Certainly, there are better things to do than to engage in the process of increasing the already 7-billion people population of the earth just out of boredom.  Aren’t electricity and the internet wonderful things?

Anyway, here are some ideas and a few links I picked up while on my journey to make myself at least think “productive.”  I am sharing a few of them here:

  1. Here’s a “science project” put to practical and humanitarian use — Solar Bottle Bulbs.  I found this one on the YouTube page of MrIliacdiaz  
  2. How about making your own hot sauce?  I love my food spicy and I think the recipe on this video makes for something that can make me shed tears because of hotness.  I found the video on the YouTube page of KooktoKook. 
  3. If you think that your appetite is already huge, watch an episode of Man versus Food.  Watching Adam devour portions enough to feed a family of four will correct that false notion of yours.
    Man v. Food

    Image via Wikipedia

  4. In managing people, you also have to manage your expectations.  There are some people who are not interested in upgrading what they know and what they can do.  In those cases, there are steps to bring their performance up to par with the rest of the team.
This is it for now.  I promise to work on the fourth day of this holiday.  I don’t want to start the midweek cold.


  1. I observe my wife’s young brothers who attend local school hereabouts. I’d swear they are out of school as much as they are in school. Holidays, extreme rains, teacher illness (no substitutes available, evidently), local fiesta, semester break. I will give them credit for long days, something like 7:30 am to 4:00 pm. And sometimes Saturdays, which is obscene enough.

    1. Hi, Joe! Thanks for dropping by.

      I think it was a lot worse before (the holidays) under the previous gov’t admin. I remember my boss getting mad most of the time because it ruined production schedules for him.

      As for school, kids won’t complain about holidays. However, I think schools tend to cram a lot when there are a number of holidays. It ends up even more stressful for kids.

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