It’s Complicated!

Just a thought, why do people like to complicate things?

I remember as a kid in the 70s and 80s, hamburgers were just hamburgers.  Of course, there was one variation — the cheeseburger with an occasional pickle.  Today, when you go to burger joint a plethora of options greet you as you start to read the menu.  Are “complications” part of progress?

Yesterday I thought of why I should buy a new TV but I ended up coming up with a strong reason why I shouldn’t buy one.  My reason was simple.  The complexity of technology that’s presented to me will not change the bad programming that comes out of it.  I think that if one chose to get through the fluff of marketing, the veil of “complicated” and high tech, one will realize that some things are unnecessary.  Besides, the old TV is still working.

Way to go, El Cheapo.



  1. LOL !

    Brian , my parents say this is what makes the US different from the Philippines. We have 6 TV sets at home, each with dvd players. We’ve changed all our Tv from the simple ones to HD, and old dvd players to blu rays even though all of the old ones are perfecrly good and working well. At most , age is 3 years . If there’s a new tech that we like, we discard the old, just like that, even if they are still working well. if we don’t donate our stuff, we;d have more than a dozen TV sets in the garage

    1. Yup. You can say that your family are early adopters of technology. We used to be that way in the family. After much rational thought (pagkukuripot), we decided that we should use up the productive life of our stuff.

      The price of most new technology goes down within a year or two, so why kill yourself to fatten someone’s pocket, right? 😀 Plus it’s a good way to avoid just saying how cheap you can get. 😛

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