The Ultimate Gift for All Occasions

We recently found an item that costs less than five-hundred pesos.  We think that it’s potentially a gift for any occasion in the Philippines.

What is it, you ask?

It’s an electric fan.  The brand we found was MITSUI.  I am not sure if I remembered the name correctly, but it sort of sounds like that.  We found it on sale at an SM and so far it hasn’t failed us yet (for three months).

Why is it perfect for any occasion?

  1. If it’s for a kasal or wedding, you can rationalize this way: “Para hindi mainit sa kuwarto nyo” or “So the room won’t get too hot on honeymoon night.”
  2. If it’s for a birthday, you can say “Para hindi ka initan, pare” or “I don’t like you to sweat too much, friend.”
  3. If it’s for a binyag  or a baptism, you can say “Baby won’t be too hot in the crib” or  “Para hindi initan si baby.”
  4. If you’re too odd and want to give a gift at a funeral wake, maybe you can give it, too.  You can always say “The fires of hell won’t be too hot with this baby.”  Kidding, of course.  🙂


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