(Other) Things You Can Do on a Pacquiao Fight Day

It looks like I won’t be watching Pacquiao slug it out with Marquez for the third time because of a family emergency.  Come to think of it, I don’t think I was able to watch the first two encounters.  I wasn’t much of a fan back then (I think I am still not much of a fan today — LIAR).  Watching the third one won’t be much of a loss for me (riiiight).  What can I do?  I’m supposed to be doing something else productive other than watch two grown men try to beat each other to a pulp, while enjoying the company of other like-minded individuals (I should watch the fight, sheesh).

Anyway, what if you are really not a fan?  What else can you do?

The reality of a Pacquiao Fight Day — people are not on the streets, even the crime rate goes down.  I think that even if Shamcey Supsup decided to streak down the streets of Manila — with just a band-aid on — no one will notice.  Well, maybe I can spot that one since I am not watching the fight (LOSER).

Here’s a short list of things to do:

  1. Go to church — it’ll probably a little less crowded than usual.
  2. Go the supermarket — the place won’t be jampacked.  That is, if the supermarket is not inside the mall where the fight is showing via moviehouse.
  3. Cross the widest part of Commonwealth Avenue at ground level.  As suggested by a friend, be a little more daring than your usual be safe self.  Yes, since there are less vehicles on the road, it might not be as deadly than usual weekday.
  4. For the real non-fans of Pacquiao, watch reruns of ASAP on ABS-CBN (LOSER).
  5. Look out on the street and hope that Shamcey Supsup does come a streakin’. 😛

I left out going to the barber.  Chances are, they’ll be listening to the fight on the radio.  Accidents can happen, you know.  Clippers and razors are dangerous stuff.



    1. Hey, Joe.

      I think I will try to squeeze one more short blog post later . I can’t seem to write lengthy posts anymore. The more formal and length stuff I write for work took all my words.

  1. At the moment, I’m holed up in my room, chewing on my nails. It’s a full house today. Friends and cousins of my sister’s BF are here, watching a paid Boxing match. ( They get to watch free, ha ! ! ) But they brought the beers and chips. OMG, I recognized one of the guys… he’s our niversity’s basketball player, almost 7 feet ! and he says he’s trying out for NBA ! Damn ! I can’t watch boxing, Brian ! I’m a wimp ! I can’t stand watching people punching each other out.

    1. Ren, stop chewing on your nails! Have the beer and chips instead. 😛 I think I’ll just catch the replay tonight.. Too busy to watch the commercials. They’re airing the fight here on free tv but the ads are too much.

      1. So, the match is over… He won. But not a lot of people are convinced that MP won because he was a much better fighter. All thrugh the game, the house was unusually quiet, except for a few groans. Since I wasn’t watching, I felt even more nervous. I usually could tell if the match was going well for MP with the sounds my family and guests would make. Quiet means oh, oh, not good. It was like that tonight. I was surprised he actually won. there were no hurrahs. So, how’s it goin’?

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