The Thought Parking Lot #9: Thoughts on Multitasking

Alright, true believers.  Your friendly neighborhood wall crawler  Oops.  That’s from my alternate universe as a self-proclaimed superhero.

Speaking of superheroes, where, when and how did that tag “Pambansang Kamao” for Manny Pacquiao start?  He’s overloaded with titles.  He’s a champion in 8 divisions.  He’s a congressman.  He’s probably darling, sweetie or whatever to the missus or some other chick.  He’s also a recording artist/actor/ game show host.  He’s also an army reservist.  Not only that, he’s also a Lieutenant Colonel by rank.   By all measures, the guy is one hell of a multitasker.  He’s boxing champ to some.  A national hero to others.  He represents every single working Filipino’s aspiration to get all the material possessions that he desires in his natural lifetime.  He’s  a frakkin’ superhero!

Here’s an idea.  Why not just call him “Colonel Philippines”? We’ll throw in the shield for free.  The Marvel Zombie Universe had a Colonel America.  I see no reason why this universe can’t have a Colonel Philippines.  That’s just me being silly.

In other related thinking, multitasking isn’t for everyone.  At one point, you’ve got to have the right support to free yourself up to do other things.  That includes the right equipment and the right people.  I think the Pacman has himself surrounded by the right people.  By right people, I mean people who are genuinely interested in keeping their prized bull alive.  It’s a pretty good symbiotic relationship.

But what about lesser mortals?  How do they pull off the juggling act?  From what I’ve gathered so far, it all boils down to being organized and setting up a good system to let you do more in less time.  However, one has to be careful not to fall into the trap of assuming that everything works and functions to appease the system you’ve set up.  One also has to be prepared for the occasional quirks.  Keeping a level head during these times will help a lot.

Always remember that you are not a boxer/businessman/actor/singer/army reservist/congressman.  Things should be relatively manageable. 😀



  1. In this particular fight, he looked very ordinary. Maybe Marquez had kryptonite in his shorts.

    I think he is a superb boxer, a colonel and doctor in honorarium only, and a very poor congressman. Rumors suggest he may be less than a perfect husband. He wears no halo or shield in my book. But he gets my respect for being the best boxer since Ali . . . or ever . . .

    1. I friend of mine posted that Manny was uninspired because the wife (Jinky) wasn’t there. The joke went, she was there and he just couldn’t recognize her because of all the “improvements.” 😀

      I think he’s being put up too high a pedestal, really.

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