Thoughts from a nasty sprain

Here’s a confession: I AM AN ADDICT.  A badminton addict.  I think I belong to the few remaining loyalists who play this court sport.  I used to play almost everyday.  Now I am down to weekend play.  Earning a living is much more important than play.  The important thing is we remember to keep some physical activity to blow off some steam.  That’s what I usually do every Saturday — play the pressure away.

Last Saturday, I slipped and fell.  Unconsciously, my left arm stretched out to break my fall.  I saw my right ankle twist a bit and I was afraid that I injured it.  I walked it off.  I thought I was in the clear until I felt some pain emanating from my left wrist.  Crap!  It’s a wrist sprain.  After a lot of ice and a some painkillers, I end up in front of my computer again to look at my email backlog.

I know it’ll be tough to do things with one hand.  I’ve been there, done that.

This weekend “injury” brought back memories of 2008 when I was temporarily rendered primarily left-handed because of stupidity.  I long remembered since then that trying to karate chop something made of metal isn’t one of my smartest ideas.  I also think pretending that my ageing body can still play hard on the court will be joining that list of dumb ideas.  I can hear the missus grumbling in the background telling me to quit playing already.   I know I won’t.

Anyway, back to the days of one-handed tasks, I did these:

  1. Eat using a chopstick with my left hand.
  2. Beat my kids at video games using my left hand (1 out 10 times).
  3. Drive with one hand — stick!
  4. Type proposals and memos using one hand

Here’s some other tough things to do with one hand:

  1. Washing your ass.  Wiping isn’t an issue.  Doing it the Asian way of washing is tougher if you lose an appendage.
  2. Putting on deodorant/ antiperspirant.  No problem if you’re using a spray.  Try doing it with a tiny roll-on bottle.
  3. Holding soap and washing your armpits.

Anyway, I’m glad the pain has finally subsided.  While the range of movement is not all there yet, I know my left hand will function normally towards the middle of this week.  I just hope I don’t slip and fall again.  I might just start falling in love with pain killers.

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  1. Oh, my goodness ! Same here ! I I just fell on my butt… well down on my knees first ( I scraped both knees… tried to break the fall with my elbow… scraped one elbow plus bruises.) I’m still sore. The pathway was ankle deep with leaves, and it rained the whole night… leaves can be quite slippery , you know… so yeah, I slipped and fell.

    How’s it goin’, Brian ! Cheers !

  2. Better to drive with one hand than no brain, as do many. Tricky though that may be. I think I’ll try it today. One hand, that is.

    My wife and I are badminton junkies. I used to think it was a girl’s game until someone handed me a racket and I learned it is quicker than tennis and more powerful than basketball. It is cardiovascular out the gazoo, and you can play it one-handed.

    1. Oi! Nice to know you play the same sport as I do.

      I want to learn to play using either left or right hand.

      As for driving, I’ve done both one handed and brainless (as a spoiled college kid).

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