In the news: Edutainment and Rambo

I have not been updating this blog lately because I had been busy with work.    Instead of updating this blog as my usual recreation,  I found watching/ reading the news more “entertaining.”  I believe that people are intently following the current hot topic of the day  — the CJ Corona impeachment trial at the Philippine Senate.  Like in the impeachment trial of former president Estrada in late 2000 to early 2001, the trial transformed into something like a telenovela.  This time, the trial is somewhat like a sports event.  We even have analysts to explain what is happening.  News once again became “entertainment.”  And thanks to analysts and information floating in the internet, I think that today’s impeachment is more educational for the average viewer.

As a normal Pinoy, I found it amazing that people, at least those who follow the Impeachment of Chief Justice Corona, are becoming instant legal experts.  People are getting “entertained” with  “pursuing the corrupt” in the PNoy admin’s “Tuwid na Daan.”  Just follow the forum postings on news sites on the internet, you’ll see comments ranging from the inane to the scholarly (and lawyer-ish).  People became instant fans of Cuevas, poked fun at the less-than-desirable performance of the prosecution team, some even became instant fans of the pretty defense team spokesperson Karen Jimeno.

Today’s headline at the  showed that the prosecution team at the Corona Impeachment trial has about 100 witnesses to call up to the stand.  Like, 100 witnesses?  If this was a courtroom movie drama, this will drag on for 3 installments or sequels just to finish the story.  Like, I thought they wanted a speedy resolution.  If the defense calls up its arsenal of technicalities, that trial will surely drag on for months.  By that time, it’s either people would have grown interested or the elderly Senator Enrile would have turned to dust already.

On that same trial and in a real world sense, I am torn 50:50.  One side says that this process is necessary for the country to finally start healing itself.  However, if this trial does drag on, it might prove too much of a COSTLY distraction to the point that nothing will get done in the legislative branch of government — the impeachment trial will be their life.  Maybe, since the noisy majority simply just wants that Chief Justice out of the way, it would have been cheaper just to hire someone to cause an unfortunate accident at the Corona household.

(Obviously, I’ve seen way too many movies.)


Speaking of movies…

Also in the news is something you don’t see regularly, a government official patronizing his local pirated DVD shop.  Of course we’ll hear the usual “investigation” to be made to make sense out of what happened.  I trust that this will be swept under the rug and forgotten after a few days.  The government official, who also went by the monicker Rambo a few months ago, is one of those presidentially handpicked people currently in government service.  They are supposed to be the straightest of the straight.  They are positioned as the unquestionable authorities when it comes to ethical behavior.  That is where the trouble starts.  For me, the bottom line is this:  the president’s man was caught buying stolen goods.  What’s the boss going to do?  While photographic evidence is there, the admin is slow to act.  Great, isn’t it?

When the supposed straightest of the straight acts that way, this big question should then be answered:

Is this the best that the straight Filipino can do? Lip service?

Arr, mateys!  Them pirates are doin’ this country a world of good.  Tupperware’s makin’ a killin’ out of ’em government guys.

Personally, I won’t complain that the president indirectly supports piracy by treating this issue lightly.  Pirated DVDs contribute to cheap entertainment.  Cheap entertainment is what keeps this country from going all revolutionary.  I also love cheap entertainment.



  1. The entertainment of real life indeed surpasses fictional drama. We observers are experts because we are better than the real attorneys. When we smell a rat, we know it is a dead rat. We need not object to every pronouncement that it smells.

    1. Hey, Joe! Thanks for the visit.

      Well, the rat deserves some bit of respite from the bashing. It is dead. Regardless of how the judging turns out, that rat is past rigor mortis.

  2. My aunt most probably knows this guy, he he he. What the heck did he do?

    But, aren’t most of the stuff in the Philippines pirated? When I was there, my neighbor/ childhood friend lent me some dvds, and they were clearly pirated.

    Cheers !

    1. Oh, he’s one of the presidential advisers. He’s already in the news so I thought I shouldn’t bring his name up anymore. Lots of discussions about him already.

      There are plenty of pirated DVD shops here. If his boss wasn’t harping too much about being a straight arrow, I probably won’t say anything. That adviser clearly wasn’t using his brain cells. People are always judging them. It wasn’t us who set the standards. 🙂

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