Altered States and Plates

I went out earlier and ended up looking at some TVs.  For some reason, the kitchenware appeared so appealing to me, as if they were calling me.  I ended up in the next aisle and started looking at pots and pans, cutlery!  I even started looking at plates and glasses.  Then I ended up looking at refrigerators, though the big TVs at the store seemed attractively priced.

Maybe that was an unconscious way of  preparing myself to change hats for the coming weekend.  The wife leaves for a much needed break  while I stay with the kids, and dirty laundry.  I become chief cook and “houseband”  for a few days, fair enough trade to help a superwoman relax.

Is this thing called a change in priorities?  I’m not really sure.  One thing’s sure, though.  At least I didn’t have to go around following the missus while she shopped for shoes.




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