2:39 AM and alternatives

2:39 AM and I click on “New Post.”

2:40 AM and I can feel that coffee kick in.

2:41 AM and I think about what I read about American Idol and Filipinos, as if the world would end if they took this to heart.

2:42 AM and I think people are way too paranoid.

People worry too much about a lot of things and it certainly drives them nuts.  Looking at North Korea, they appear to be always in a state of constant paranoia.  That’s why it needs to flex its muscles even if it has to strip them off from other parts.  Is it the absence of a better way?

The absence of a better alternative, probably as a result of loss of critical thinking because of an obvious impairment caused by mind altering factors,  leads people to do things they ought not to do.  It might appear easy do at the time.  It’s like blogging at 2:39 AM when I should be sleeping, because of a late night cup of strong black coffee.

Easy to put down words? I blame my partial anonymity.

2:57 AM.  I click “Publish.”


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