Cap it off with an Exclamation Point!

Today (or yesterday) was a regular day of ups and downs.  It was regular in the sense that I went through the motions of a regular day — work, succeed and get rejected at some point.  Typical, we all rise through that.

In a way, I can classify that Monday as something I’d like to improve on in terms of work results.  I know I have to sort some things out, no biggie.  What really irritated me was a not-so-subtle reminder of how my day was not-so-good.

After a long hard day, I only have these following thoughts.  With dogs getting bigger and some neighbors becoming a wee bit irresponsible, an “accident” is bound to happen if one is to step out on to the dimly lit street while carrying boxes of groceries..  Exclamation point of the day!

Maybe I should write Purina or Alpo to come up with pet food that will make poop glow in the dark.  I think researching this is way ahead of hoping people to act properly when it comes to their pets.  Another idea will be to have pet food to make excretions nonstick, like Teflon.  For that matter, maybe soles of shoes should have nonstick coating. 




  1. You whiner. It coulda been gum. Filipinos don’t chew gum. That is my next blog. In New York, watch out for the gum.

    Speaking of Mondays, when I was a working stiff executive, I detested Mondays. I’d snarl from 7 to 11, play basketball for two hours during lunch, then start the week. My secretary knew to not schedule any meetings, and to LEAVE ME ALONE.

    1. LOL. Gum is an issue in some major streets but I think consumption is really on the decline.

      As for what’s usually on our street, it’s just crazy that some pet owners don’t care about where their animals go to “comfort themselves.”

      I’ve gotten used to Mondays as a sucky start of the week. I guess there’s just too much Bob Geldof in me.

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