Simplicity for the Confused

I confuse me.  I frustrate me.

As far as I can tell, people live very complicated lives.  If you want simplicity, go back to the mountains and just plant camote (sweet potato).

My brother from another mother said this last night:   “Why is it that when one is young and full of energy, he lacks the resources to make himself successful.  Once one’s old and has adequate resources, the drive is already gone. ‘

At the new 30, should one lose it?  If one loses it, how does one get it back? Lose what? Call it drive.  Call it sanity.

Everybody wants to rule the world, said Tears for Fears.  Change the world, said Clapton.  Hiding under the sheets seems simpler.

End of the day thought: do we really have to work hard to drive ourselves six feet under?

It’s not the destination.  It’s all about the journey.  It’s simpler to jump off a building.

As Jerry Lee Lewis once said, “If I’m going to hell, I’m going there playing the piano.”

Personally, I’d rather go to heaven courtesy of beautiful angels.  Angels, I saw a couple of them from a 3-letter magazine last night.  They also had a couple of big bruisers (boyfriends) with them.  One looked like he was Photo-shopped.  He also looked like he’s from a boss level of a fighting video game.  How’s that for security?  Angels and toys.  Hmmm, — PSP.  Soylent Green-ish furniture.

PSP? My friend’s got one with all the enjoyable features.   I asked,  you won’t find that on the street, right?  He said, “Yeah, you won’t.  You have to order one.”

At 10K a pop, planting camote seems less stressful.  There’s always cassava.

I confuse me even more.



  1. That’s deliciously confusing! ^_^

    Great post! (Bawal bang mag Tagalog dito? ^_^ )

    I have heard that many times (“Go home and plant Camote!”). Our High school teacher then, will always be on top of her voice, firing her famous one liner at those who were either very naughty/ lazy or plainly not studying…

    That time, I thought it was just an expression. Later I realized that it has a bullet with it…Boom!

    If you don’t want to fix yourself, don’t get over your issues, you can’t move forward…

    If you refuse to move forward, its useless and a truly waste that you are there in front of her, a great mentor actually…you are wasting her time…


    Thanks for visiting my blogsite…

    I am and I will be…. INVICTUS!

    1. Honey, ayan at may natatawag na akong Honey sa blog ko. Oo, puwede naman managalog dito. Medyo barok lang ako magsulat sa wika natin. Medyo barok din sa Inggles.

      Go home and plant camote — siguro nga’t yun ang nais ko na iparating. There’s nothing easy in this world. There’s a price tag to everything. Accepting that early on will reduce the frustration. Mula sa pag-alis sa unibersidad, mahuhubad ang idealism mo at magiging “nice to have” na lamang ang turing mo rito. 🙂

      I confuse me. LOL

      1. Senya na po, napuyat lang sa isang kinababaliwang gawain…kaya bangag…mali mali na, ngunit sana nakuha pa rin ang nais ipahiwatig na puna ^_^

        Salamat sa paglilinaw sa hindi malinaw ngunit naging malinaw nang ito ay bigyang linaw…

        pahiram ng linya, kaibigan…I confuse me ^_^

  2. Introspection is hell. Some are meant for simplicity, some for complexity, and others for insanity. Bro, I wish you the best.

    ps most angels turn to devils in about 1.8 years, and the grass on the other side of the fence is really weeds.

    1. Hey, Joe. Thanks for dropping by today. Needless to say, I was feeling a bit nutty earlier today, more than the usual. LOL on the Angels.

      It’s great to have a “vent” that doesn’t quite fight back — blogging.

      1. Ha. Depends on where you blog, or what you blog. Always remember that life is but a rubber band, lots of bounces and mainly going in circles. An original JoeAmism.

        1. Yep. Depends on what you blog and where. Some of the stuff I put down should be taken at face value. Some would require knowing me better for a reader to put a handle on it. Profundity isn’t always there. 😀

          Rubber bands still have a breaking point. Maybe, it’s more like a rubber ball. You never know when it bounces back to hit you in the eye. 😉

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